Prevent Fastpass grace period?

arriving at the ride during late grace period just makes me nervous about being late.

Is it possible to tell the plan not to use grace period?

No because you can legitimately use it during that time. What I do is try to adjust my FP time. So if it’s 11-12 and the plan has me riding at 12.10, I’ll try to get one for 11.45 instead - assuming I can do it and my FP aren’t back to back. Though I’d normally be doing this before actually getting my FP so no bother to change them all around if necessary.

Alternatively you could manually rearrange things so that you ride firmly within the window (I’d make a copy and alter that just in case), and evaluate to see how it affects your wait times - if you’re happy with it then no messing about with FP times needed.

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I optimize and then do the above so I’m never within the grace period on my plan. Makes me feel much more comfortable with the plan that way.

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Yes I do this after my FP are booked, before that I just like to keep optimising to try to work out the best time to get them and hopefully avoid the grace periods.