Pretty please help with Park Hopping Tetris

Hi all - I have been staring at these plans for too long and would love a bit of a fresh look at things to see if I’m missing something obvious. I’m trying to nail down solid plans in an effort not to hoard ADRs! But it’s a teeny bit complicated because we have two different sets of family coming with us at either end of the trip.

My immediate family has 6 days of park hopper tickets and we are doing a split stay between the Boardwalk and BLT. Ideally we would literally do only Epcot and DHS at the beginning but I can’t keep my kids away from MK for that long. Tuesday is the day I’m having the most trouble with. We are leaving BWV and checking into BLT. Ideally we would start at MK (party day) and end at Epcot (F&W) but it makes more sense to do the opposite from a transportation standpoint. Any thoughts? Thank you!!

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Are you planning to use the monorail to Epcot? Because if you are I don’t see that doing Epcot second is really a problem. Of course, I only travel with DH so large groups and kids are not my forte.

Btw, I’m in awe of your organization and may try to use it as inspiration.

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I think MK to EP gives you a fuller day. It also gives you the option to exit via the IG and take a MK bus from BC or BW if you wanted to skip the double monorail trip.

Yes, we definitely plan to monorail as much as possible! A ride that doesn’t need LL!

I fully agree I just think that morning as we are packing up it feels like a missed opportunity not to be able to just stroll through IG and instead have to bus or Uber!

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I get that, but I also feel like you miss too much in MK that you wouldn’t be able to fit in elsewhere. It will be easier to ‘clear’ EP priorities than MK in the afternoon.


How are you actually getting to BLT on Tuesday?

One set of family is at Swan Reserve?

Well that’s the ultimate question! If we start at MK then I think we will probably Uber over in the morning. I think we will need 2 cars. If we start at Epcot then this is where it gets easier because we can just walk to Epcot and monorail to BLT afterwards. But… I suppose it would be easier to transfer luggage if we start at MK because for the Epcot start we’ll need to use Bell Services to transfer.

And yes, my aunt and my sister are staying at Swan Reserve! Kind of curious to check it out once!

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Agree that the MK start is better regarding luggage transfer. Having your luggage available sounds like a good idea with kids.