Pretty Amped about the BOATHOUSE

Just read a great review for this place, and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about it. Did not realize it was associated with Gibson’s in Chicago, that gives me great hope. I like that while it’s obviously pricey and you can blow it out if that’s the sort of evening you’re looking for, there are also plenty of dishes that are more in line with typical Disney prices on the menu as well, so it’s not out of reach for the average guest.

I DO like, however, that it’s not on the DDP – should keep the crowds down and the quality up. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what the TP crew thinks of it!

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I might get to try it out next month. I can’t wait.


We’re going to be there next month as well, but I’ve sworn off of the DTD/DS area until they get the area done – last time we were there, it was a disaster, and I haven’t heard anything to change that. It will be on my short list as soon as that happens, though!

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I have a small window while on my 2-day trip with my DH next month. Hoping that maybe we can swing by and check it out.

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Those amphibious cars looked like fun!

I just made a booking for July. Looking forward to the feedback from those that make it before us

I wouldn’t let the construction deter you from going. We went in November and it wasn’t bad at all… just busy! Of course it was the weekend after Thanksgiving so lots of crowd still in the world.

Rumor has it that Yeehaw Bob will be in the live music lineup to perform there.

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I’ve got an ADR for early May. If no one else reviews it before then, I’ll toss up a review. My big out-of-pocket expense this month is that I’ll be “live” tweeting my dinner at V&A on Saturday on the TouringPlans twitter account. (Live in quotes because I’m not so uncultured that I’ll actually be tweeting during the meal – I’ll be taking the photos and then tweeting out the dining experience after the fact for the respect of other diners.)

Not going to be able to make it for dinner for this trip, but I think we’re trying to go for drinks next Tuesday. I know some people who have gone and the food looked great. Reports are steaks you can cut with a fork. I love a good steakhouse, and Le Cellier never cut it for me, but we are trying Yachtsman next week too.

Sorry to bump this old thread but I’m just wondering what your experience at the Boat House was for dinner?

I’m actually eating there tomorrow night, and will be sure to report back!

I’ve eaten there for dinner and lunch…very nice atmosphere and good service. Food very good. The whiskey cornbread cake for dessert…sooooooooooooo good!