Press pennies.. Need ideas....What do you do with them after you are home?

Are the locations of pressed penny machines on the Park Maps? Or is there a list by park somewhere? Best pennies to use and so on. Thanks!

I use The keep a constantly updated list, although not in map form. It also includes coins in the resorts.

Pre 1982 pennies are best, as they are all copper. After that they were copper clad zinc. We usually carry them in M&M mini tubes, 2 quarters then a penny.


Note: to press the pennies will cost you between 0.50 and 1.50 (all quarters) each. Not sure how I missed this detail but it was not a magical realization... And such pretty pennies, too... Next time...

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Guest relations in the parks can give you a list as well, but it's not always completely up to date.

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Thanks to all! I looked at this morning and the lists are what I was looking for. Gathering quarters and have my pre-'82 pennies cleaned and ready to go. Eight! Yes!! 8 days to go!!!

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I saw a souvenir book to put them in, which I am planning to buy after we are home. My kids have decided that this will be a collection for them and will get them at more places than Disney.

@OBnurse, which pennies cost more than 50 cents? I thought they were all that amount? Will have to bring more quarters.

The pennies are $0.51 and the quarters are $1.25. I bought a book for the last year at the Everything Pop gift shop and filled it up in 2 weeks. Pinterest has some neat ideas of how to display them.


I didn't think about Pnterest. Thanks. I really like the idea you pinned to my question.

Best excuse to buy some M&M tubes!

Anytime! They're so neat and it's a shame to leave them in the book. I use the book more for transporting now because I get annoyed if they are in my wallet. Happy Pressing 😄

My sis made my DDs and me charm bracelets with some of ours. She used 2-3 pressed pennies and some charms we had bought at the POR gift shop. They make a beautiful jingly noise when we wear them. smile

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Anyone know what happened to I tried the link and it doesn't work. frowning

That is the strangest thing I have ever seen! Try searching for the site on Yahoo. I was able to get into the site that way. I tried posting the link here, but it didn't work.

I actually got to it by searching for press coins, then clicking on the link to Magic kingdom. It's so weird that the regular link brings it to here...even when you search on google!

That's how I got it to work, too. LOL!

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