President's week/weekend before-help with park days

We’ve been waiting on my sister to book flights so we can figure out days for the parks. Dining is about to open up so trying to pin down park days ASAP. Debating between the 2 scenerios. Looks like Epcot will be much less crowded on a Wed but wondering if we are better off doing studios at a 9 level instead of 10. Thoughts on either of these options? Also my Dad had surgery this year and his ankle is bothering him still. Would ideally try to put the two less walking parks back to back which makes me think B might be the better option.

Wed-Epcot (extended evening-we are offsite)


Sun-Epcot get to hit end of festival of arts

I would try to get to see festival of the arts if possible.

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I agree with PrincipalTinker that option 2 is better.

Definitely B… Festival of Arts is great!!