Presidents week vs last week in August?

Really missing Disney and was all set to book next August but don’t want to wait that long. DD no longer wants to be taken out of school for my Disney fix so stuck with summer or school vacation weeks. We’ve always gone during low crowds but really hot. Concerned about crowd levels that week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We generally go the week before school starts. Crowds are a bit thinner and prices also drop. I generally plan a lunch ADR to get us out of the heat, bring plenty of water (and there are tons of water fountains for refills), and those spray fan / water bottle things.

I love the week before Labor Day… this will be my third year in a row going that week. I’ve found that the very thin crowds make it so that we can take lengthy midday breaks for pool time during the hottest part of the days and still do everything we want to do in the parks.

I’m sure crowds will be lower at the end of Aug, but we went Presidents week this year, so I can answer questions you have. It was crowded, but perfectly manageable with TPs and RD. We had a great time.

Thanks. I think my post was confusing. We usually go the last of Aug or early Sept which is great for crowds but hot. Was thinking of going Presidents week but everything I read says to avoid that week. I’m mostly concerned about crowd levels and still being able to have a great trip.
Was so much easier pulling DD out of school.
My family seems to think I’m some sort of miracle worker because of pulling off past trips so well. But I’m sure there’s a big difference between a 3 and a 10 crowd level!

I know SW and Jet Blue haven’t released flights yet but I looked at other airlines and flights could be a concern too.

I know. SW opens thursday. Waiting on that. Already told the family if it’s over 950 than a no-go. Looking to fly out of Providence, just love that airport. So much smaller than Logan, plus we can park right there.

I will be looking at Manchester. NH is not on vacation the same week ( they have the week after) RI has the same vacation as MA. ( almost all NE states). Providence would be great since there are those multiple garages and you do not have yo sorry about coming back to a buried car.

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Good to know. I’ll check prices for both. We are south of Boston so going to Providence is quicker.

Lol- I booked out of PVD- $200 cheaper!

Me too $632 for the 3 of us. I don’t know the last timr i was under 700 for airfare!!

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