President's Day Week

I’m sorry if this topic has been hashed out, but I can’ seem to find good information so maybe this group will have some insight. I was hoping to do a last minute trip 2/13 - 2/18. This works for us because we won’t have to pull the kids out of school and it seems as though Touring Plans is still showing low crowds and reasonable rates for my touring plans. Like we can get through everything we would want to do in a reasonable amount of time. But now I’m seeing a few posts/blogs about how crazy the combo of President’s Day week and Mardi Gras is going to be. Do I trust the information I’m getting through my touring plans? Or are they not taking the two “holidays” into account? Or am I just crazy for even thinking of going right now? Please be gentle. :cold_sweat:

Other info: We would do two days HS, and then one day each in the other parks. We could always skip Epcot and do an extra AK day. I already snagged a few ADRs and booked flights, just in case.

No advice, but I’m following because we are considering a quick weekend trip around this same time.

The fact that capacity levels are still in place helps. If it was non-COVID times I would avoid Presidents’ Week when it coincides with Mardi Gras (it doesn’t always), but with capacity in place it can only be so crowded.

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It will be busy, but you should be able to trust your Touring Plan. The only exception, IMHO, will be if the Ratatouille ride is opened. There may not be enough data to know those waits as historical trends are of little use these days.

I would guess crowds will be similar to around Christmas a few weeks ago. (Which were bearable) The question is, will WDW increase the capacity ahead of that week.

I don’t think they will increase capacity IMHO until vaccines are more prevalent. I think February is still too soon… but what do I know :woman_shrugging:

You may be right. But they do have a good gauge to go by from the holidays. All depends if WDW was comfortable with those busiest days or still have some “wiggle room” left :joy:. They could very well increase park passes for certain parks, but not all and we would never know it.

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We’re going the same week, because of school vacation then. Replaces a planned April 2020 trip. We figured: Last year taught us not to take anything for granted. If we can go now, let’s go. Who knows what next year brings? Going with low or no expectations about crowds, lines, etc. Just to have a break in a happy place.

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I hadn’t even thought about the Ratatouille ride, it would be nice if it was open but completely unexpected for us! I think I’m just going to book it. No matter what it is better than starting at these four walls with nothing to do with our kids during the school break!


My DD7 and I are going that week as well. It is school vacation week for her. I’m going in with low expectations of parks and focusing more on relaxing resort/pool time.