Presidents' Day Week: USO vs WDW

We are planning a trip in Feb 22 for my DD 11th birthday. The primary purpose of the trip will be WWOHP in anticipation of her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, of course. But I can’t bring myself to go to Orlando and NOT go to Disney! I want to allot a solid 2-3 days to USO so that we can really take our time exploring the HP theming and spell casting, etc. But I’d love to do a couple of WDW park days, probably at HS & EP. The question is: which to start with and which to end with?

In 2022 PD falls on 2/21. We will not bother being in the parks on that Monday. Our likeliest dates of travel are 2/15 to 2/19 or 2/20. Which park is more likely to be the bigger headache/busier? For reference, we will definitely stay onsite at USO, probably at HRH to get unlimited EP. I am also trying to convince DH to do a split stay and try to rent DVC points to stay at BC or BW.

(BTW: I am hoping to plan a longer WDW only trip in 2023 when our littler kids come too- so we don’t have to have all our Disney eggs in this trip’s basket so to speak).

WDW… Just on it’s sheer size alone, will always be busier…

I’d go to WDW when you arrive mid-week as it to be slower in regards to crowds / queues. Then stay at a Universal Deluxe Hotel to get the Express Pass (UXP) on the weekend. This way you’ll breeze through attractions at peak times there.