Prepping kids for SWGE

Hello! I’m planning for Nov and am going to take my kids into SWGE who don’t know much about Star Wars (that is, if we can get in…). I want them to see a movie or two before going so that they will understand what they are looking at. I am thinking about the first movie (part 4) and then continuing in order if they want. I think my older two saw it awhile ago but I want to refresh their memories–they are at a much better age to see it now and would probably really be into it. But would one of the newer movies better prepare them? We have not seen the recent ones. I do realize that Rey appears in the newer ones and they might see her. My husband and I have seen all the classic movies and the 3 prequels but none of the very recent ones. Kids are 12, 10 and 7.

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Most of SWGE takes place in the newer films after Return of the Jedi. You can start there or watch Ep. 4 - the newest movie.

Someone recently had this same question and there was a long thread about it. I’ll try to find it for you…

See if this link works for the thread I mentioned. Lots of good opinions here on which ones to watch, skip, or prepare for SWGE.

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When I said part 4 I meant the very first ever movie, A New Hope…I’m feeling pretty old if there is another part 4. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you!

I meant the same. Aren’t those episodes 7+?

I would start with the original trilogy for kids. Of course, all kids are different and take in movies in different ways but I find the old ones most suitable, even though I regret showing my small ones the first movie and will wait a while to do that again.

The prequel trilogy (ep 1-3, 1999-2005) imo are terrible movies, but thats just my opinion (well, not just mine, bu any way…)

As mentiones the sequels (2015-) are what SWGE is based on. My take on these with kids: it’s worth noting that they are modern age scifi movies and imo darker, more dramatic and more “realistic” than the old ones, hence why I wouldn’t personally show them to my kids until they are older, maybe around their teens. Same applies to ep 1-3.

The original trilogy, regardless of being ahead of it’s time in many ways, are still “old” movies, they’re less realistic and thus less scary.

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Buried in the post that @GeneralOrgana linked to is my post about the Machete Order, which is IMHO the ONLY order to watch the films in. IV, V, II, III, and VI.

Whatever you do, do not watch I. You have been warned…

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i obviously haven’t been there, but highly doubt there’d be anything that’s only found in episodes 1, 2 or 3. I think if you do 4, 5, 6 and then 7 or 7 and 8 you’d be good.