Prepay CRT?

If you make a dining reservation for Cindy’s royal table, is it true you prepay? If so, can you get a full refund if you cancel before 24 hrs?

Yes and yes


Thank you!

I thought the cancellation window for CRT was 48 hours instead of the typical 24 hours.

Good to know.

The reason I ask: since trying to book ADRs right now is next to impossible, and in the off-chance more princesses may come back, I wanted to book. Our trip isn’t until September, and I’m really hoping more character interactions will be available then. I just can’t see paying those prices for 1 princess to wave at us from afar.

Fair point, but keep in mind that WDW lowered the prices (granted, not by much) due to the limited character interaction - some folks were not willing to pay $75/adult + $45/child pre-pandemic, but were willing to bite at $62/adult + $37/child, just for the experience of dining in Cinderella castle.

So, if you’re in the want-the-full-experience group, you can wait for it to return (and presumably the full price too), but for folks in the latter group, your time window to do so may be shrinking as things re-open.