PrePark Garden Grill ADR

I tried getting Pre-park opening ADRs for Garden Grill at the 180 day mark for our trip in January. For a few reasons I currently have one for 8:35 and one for 8:45 (4 people each). I am on ADR finder and am even open to splitting into further groups of two, constantly trying to get as close to 8AM as I can. My question is, how late can my reservation be to realistically rope drop Soarin? And how likely is it that with diligence I can get earlier times? If we need we can use rider switch to buy some time for a second group if they need a few more minutes to eat.


Just get the park by 7.45. They seat in order of arrival. It’s really easy to be out in time for Soarin.


Consider a PPO reservation here as well… Do they ever start Soarin early? If we PPO GG, do Soarin, and head straight to FEA, how far behind rope drop am I likely to be?

We did this on Monday. Our res was for 8:20 but we got there at 8 and were seated right away. Our server asked if we were planning on doing Soarin so she could get us our check early. We saw all characters, ate, and were done by 8:40 with no rushing at all. Took a bathroom break, went to Soarin, and we were the very first on the ride! They stared it up early and we were off by 9. It was great! And we really enjoyed the GG breakfast too.


This is all good to hear! We have an 8:05 PPO at GG for our trip in March and plan to get to Soarin’ before 9:00…

Reports here of Soarin’ starting early but we had them start once just before 9 and another time just after 9. FEA is quite a hike. Not sure how far back from RD crowd it will land you. Hoping someone here can chime in.

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Agree with keeping your current ADR and just show up. The two times we’ve done it we’ve had an 8:40 ADR but were seated right at 8:00. It’s pretty empty at that time so characters get to you right away. Sometimes multiple times. Lots of great interactions. And still out by 8:40 or so.

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Excellent. Thanks for the reassurance!!

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Oh this makes me so happy:) Glad it worked out so well for you! Thanks for sharing that!

Probably ahead of the RD crowd still. And very few go to FEA first.

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I have exactly the same issue. Our breakfast is on Sunday! I’ve tried to adjust everyday since I made the booking and had a res finder set up. No luck. Thanks for the tips everyone.

Please update how it goes! Good luck!

Make sure you are using that Reservation finder on touring plans. Sometimes it takes a few weeks or a month to get a hit, but I’ve never had a problem getting the dining reservations I want, especially if you have a couple months to your trip. We got Garden Grill for our last trip in Feb 2018. For a trip in 2015, we were able to move up our Akerhaus reservation from like 8:45 to 8:15 like 2 days before the actual reservation took place.

Thanks for asking this! Same exact situation here and was wondering if we could get there early. I keep checking but nothing has opened up. We are going the first week in February.

Best of luck! I know I’ve dropped a bunch of reservations, so I’m hoping someone else will do the same so I can scoop up earlier times, but if not we’re gonna go at 8 anyway! Have a fantastic trip!

Thanks for the reassurance that I can probably get an earlier time! I’m always on edge waiting for that ADR finder email:)

Try on the morning! I was just able to bring my reservation for this morning forward by 30 mins this morning. I’ve tried everyday since the 180 day mark. We’re so excited. See you soon Mickey!