Preparing for Solo trip

I’ll be going on my first solo trip at the end of January (yay AP year), but I have a few questions as I get ready.

For those that go solo, do you create a TP? I have my FPPs set, but I’m sort of not really feeling motivated to make a plan.

Best way to get from All star sports to get in for ROTR? Should I just get a lyft to get there 1 or 2 hours early?

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No!! The whole point of solo is to be a Free Spirit. With background structure (that you should neither reveal nor stick to crazily). Calling @Randall1028 our WDW Free Spirit.


Ooooo this is awkward. :grimacing:

I actually DO create a TP. A very intricate one at that. …whiiiich I end up kinda ignoring if the mood strikes me. :crazy_face: mostly they’re for backup should i start getting that “overwhelmed” feeling cause there’s so much to see and do. It’s also nice to see the schedule of the shows I wanted to see. Gotta pace yourself a bit.

BUT if you don’t feel like making a tp, then don’t. The few days where I didn’t have one and just rolled with everything was fantastic. I don’t think you can really go wrong either way.

As far as getting your BG, if the skyliner isn’t running at the time, I think Lyft will be your best bet to give you least amount of stress.


Using the plan to keep track of show times is a really good idea. That actually tilts me into making a TP.


But… but… you barely ride any rides! What do you put into your TP?!


He schedules in food time.


That is the hilarious part, I actually schedule in a ton of rides, they’ll look like most people’s TPs I would imagine… but then bail on them.

That is honestly hilarious. Why do you bail? (No judgment. I’m just highly amused.)

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usually a variety of reasons… enjoying where I am, don’t feel like waiting in the line (even FP line), something else caught my attention, possibility of something else going on in another park.

The two best examples happened in the September trip, I’m in MK and enjoying the morning, but I had a bunch of stuff planned in Epcot. I just flat out bailed on it and hung out in MK. Didn’t really do anything, just hung out. The other was the morning in AK, just too nice a morning to leave and do stuff in MK.

Yeah the CM I was talking to who looked at all the FPs I let expire or cancelled just was amazed and asked in the most confused voice ever “What do you do here?”