Premium Snack

Hi, I’m on another forum (:blush: sorry, I know) and some people are being told that they can’t substitute their drink for a side because the side that they are asking for is a premium snack. Has anyone heard of this before? Is this an official thing or a way for Disney to stop people substituting items? This is when people are on dining plan and trying to swap their drink or dessert for another (snack credit) item.
Many thanks

That doesn’t sound right… I’ve never heard of a “premium snack” before.

I can imagine they’d be refused if they attempted to order a side that wasn’t DDP-eleigible as a snack (i.e., missing the logo on the menu), but I can’t fathom why a cast member would refer to it as a “premium snack” item.

Never heard of a “premium snack” but I know for a fact this is not accurate.
There was a recent thread here with a similar question.
To summarize - I was able to choose an extra snack (in this case, a cupcake) instead of a drink when ordering a QS meal at Contempo Cafe. The cashier actually told me to do that since I had a refillable mug.

Thanks. That’s what others were saying too, but I wanted to come here to double check. I think it was the chili cheese fries at restaurantosaurus and the French fries with pulled pork and cheese at FTBBQ. Different people on each occasion, but got the same response from the server. Strange, but I’ll make sure that I don’t get caught out when we visit this summer.

I might be wrong but aren’t the refillable mugs are only good for a refill in the resort CS restaurants?

Contempo café is a resort QS. And you’re right, the refillable mugs can only be used in resorts, but can be used at any resort and not just the one that you’re staying at.

Yes, sorry! I should have clarified that point.
I didn’t try to swap a drink for a snack inside a park but I’d think it would be the same - doesn’t hurt to ask!

DH was told at Earl of Sandwich that he could only make certain substitutes. It went by dollar amount. Everywhere else I had no issues.

I believe that at TS restaurants (isn’t Trex one?), they will not allow you to substitute drink for dessert. Only QS allow the substitutions.

Yes, you’re right, that you can’t do the swap at TS restaurants. Restaurantosaurus isn’t TRex though, it’s a QS at AK.