Premium magicbands availability

Just wondering if anyone has seen any of the Disney princess or Star Wars premium magicbands come up lately in My Disney Experience? I haven’t had any luck seeing any of them.

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I saw Moana last week.

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Looking for three weeks now. Have not seen either of those.

Got the Galaxy Edge one about 2 weeks ago. They come and go quickly unfortunately.

Next update for touring plans is a magicband finder


Sign me up :rofl:

Sounds like a good idea snow56border. They are so elusive. I think we might be resigned to just going solid colours.

Some people have gone the plain band route and then used:

I havent used them, but over on the magic band customization thread, a couple people said the vinyl overlays lasted their trip. Others went the route of applying temporary tattoos, painting. I may or may not try this site depending on what happens with the premium bands.