Premier Access and Standby Return come to DLP

Thought I’d start a new thread, albeit it might mean the discussion ends up in two places!

DLP have now followed Shanghai’s lead and launched Premier Access and Standby Return.

Premier Access is a paid FP for a single attraction that you buy in the park.

An alternative is the Standby Return. When a line gets busy they start isssuing a return time for later on, for free.

The name “Premier Access” has been mentioned before for WDW. This could be the basis for the new system.…-much-and-why/

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any thoughts on how this might impact or change the DAS pass system, if it came to the US? I don’t know if they have DAS anywhere outside the US.

They definitely have something at DLP, I looked into it for DH. But that was 6 years ago, we didn’t go and I can’t remember how it worked.

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Also, ugh! I don’t like this.

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How would ya’ll feel if WDW went to a No Advance Ride Reservation System?

What is that? I’ve never heard of it before.

In-park access only to the paid FP system.

Like MaxPass that DL used? If so, I preferred that over the FP system in WDW.


This is the part that I feel might be a problem. UOR tried this, and for the most part quickly abandoned it. (Technically, they still do it, but very rarely for a few rides.)

I think it would better to just have a complete Standby Return time from the start…BUT, some people might get a “return time” of “now” type thing.

But I’d like to see it in action.


It’s the paying I object to. I hope on-site guests at least get a couple of freebies. They want U.K. guests onsite for 2 weeks - we have to to get their big 50th anniversary offer - but paying for FPs as well for that long is going to add up fast.


It’s sounds like the in-park ‘Optimize’ may be needed more going forward, especially if you can’t book some of your attractions in advance.

And this ties right into WDW wanting to compete with Lines, with their future Genie app.


Some things I liked about MaxPass were: I could decide on a daily bases if we needed/wanted it; it included Photopass. Once you checked into the MP line you could secure the next pass. So I’d be in que and looking for the next one. I liked that it leveled the playing field.


Isn’t that similar to the old paper FP system?

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Right, just a paid version and available on the app after entering the park.

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I was just thinking this same thing… it will add up very fast for long trips and big families.

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That’s what this is.

But it could be tweaked. They could also offer certain guests certain benefits, if they wanted to.

Bundles of FPs are still an option, as at Shanghai (called a “Premier Access Set”.

Buying it in the parks would mean onsite resort guests who use the Early Entry get a head start, on top of rope drop. Personally not a huge fan but I’ll adapt if necessary. On the bright side if we need to get up early and decide to return after a break in the middle of the day, we might save money on our adult beverages. OTOH we might just have them in the park. :joy:

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You don’t buy until you get to the parks. So it’s not like you’d have to buy it every day. Even if they allowed people to buy it early it would probably still be on the day.

By the way, some images show that “more slots may become available at ……” with different times through the day.

U.K. tickets already include memory maker, at least for next year. So it wouldn’t be a selling point for us.

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I don’t see a scenario where I’d be going to a park and would prefer to stand in long lines than have FPs, I’d always want them.

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The question of onsite perks is interesting.

On the one hand, the recent evening hours announcement shows they do want to give some extra perks to Deluxe resort guests. And perhaps fuelled thoughts that they might do the same with “FPs”.

On the other hand, a well known and reliable source is saying he hasn’t heard about any specific benefits for onsite guests. That can be read two ways, as in allonsite guests or anyonsite guests. Plus of course it could be they’re rethinking. One thing that still seems to be a possibility is a “small number of free FPs”. But he does say that both Premier Access and Standby Return fits in with what he’s hearing. But also bundles of FPs, as Shanghai has.