Preliminary May 2020 plans

So, I’ve been working out our May 2020 trip plans (the one that is now the combined Senior trip for our son AND daughter).

First, I’ve narrowed down the accommodations to about 15 possibilities through homeaway. Most are 4 bedroom (so everyone has their own space), but a couple are 5 bedroom in the chance our oldest son and daughter-in-law can come down as well to join us for at least part of it.

Anyhow, the first day I picked because it is the cheapest day to start the tickets in May with Disney’s new pricing structure.

May 9 (Saturday) - Drive, stay in Chattanooga.
May 10 (Sunday, Mother’s day) - Drive, arrive at rental
May 11 (Monday) - Hollywood Studios (Rope Drop!)
May 12 (Tuesday) - Magic Kingdom
May 13 (Wednesday) - Epcot
May 14 (Thursday) - Animal Kingdom
May 15 (Friday) - Second park day (probably MK)
May 16 (Saturday) - Disney Springs/The VOID/Eat “expensive” meal
May 17 (Sunday) - Rest day and/or additional park day
May 18 (Monday) - UOR/IOA
May 19 (Tuesday) - UOR/IOA, Drive to Parents
May 20 (Wednesday) - Visit with Parents
May 21 (Thursday) - Drive to Knoxville
May 22 (Friday) - Home!

We’ll probably add in more more “expensive” meal. One my son will pick, and one my daughter will pick.

We’re trying to avoid the parks on the Saturday and Sunday because of crowds, but we’ll actually have extra ticket days so that we could go for at least part of a day if we WANT… But mostly it is about recovery from the 5 days at Disney before heading to 2 days of Universal.


Looks like an awesome trip. I’m joining your family. :joy:

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I’ll tell you what. You buy the tickets, I’ll provide the accommodations, and it is a deal. :wink:


Lol, the way the ticket prices are going up? I’m worried this Spring break 2019 trip may be our last. Not sure we’ll be able to afford Galaxy’s Edge😕 in a few years time.

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Could you be a Grandpa by then? :wink: How would that impact upon your plans?

It is possible! Doubtful.

We actually have told all our kids to plan on a Disney trip in 2024 where we provide the house (7 bedroom or something like that) to stay in and they buy the tickets.

We fully expect grandkids by that trip and will dutifully babysit them on the trip!

If there are grandkids by May 2020, well…that’s all the better! :wink: