Pregnant at Disney World?

We’ve had an early November trip planned for a while after having to cancel our March trip due to a new job and moving across the country. This was going to be our first full week at Disney—all other trips have been quick 3-4 day long weekends. We got a surprise a few weeks ago when we found out we are expecting our first! We have decided to still go on the trip and use it more as a “babymoon”. I’m pretty bummed I won’t be able to do any of my favorite rides, but I still may send my husband on some through the single rider line so he won’t miss out completely. I’m stumped on our HS and AK days as I’m not able to do most rides in those parks.
Any tips for doing Disney World while pregnant? I’ll be about 20 weeks when we go. We are staying at the Poly, so we are already planning on more pool/resort time.

We went when my wife was fairly far along - only suggestion is heeding the ride postings - if they suggest to not ride - do NOT ride. You’ll be back soon enough

I’m going to be the exception to what you will probably hear. In 1989, I was almost 21 weeks along with son #2, and in good condition. We did all the wild rides like SM and BTMRR. Being pregnant never slowed me down while at WDW (didn’t need rest, feet up, extra bathroom breaks, etc). It was December, so temps were good. Didn’t have any bad consequences from doing wild rides. I admit I simply did what I felt ok doing, and was not overly cautious.

If you’re healthy and your pregnancy has been coming along normal enough, you can do most if not all rides. Unless stated otherwise you should be fine! The heat might have been more of an issue, but since you’ll be visiting in November it’d be perfect actually! That said, of course if you don’t feel comfortable going on rides than just don’t.

I think it is important to keep in mind that most of the safety warnings on rides are due to emergency or “hard stops”. Imagine someone throwing the switch on BTMRR midway down a slope- that bar comes right at you. It is the same reason there are height restrictions.

There will be so many things for you to do! Talk to your doctor about specific attractions like Safari. You will have a great time!

When I went while pregnant, I had a great time even though I couldn’t ride all of the rides. I took the opportunity to slow down a little and take in more of the atmosphere and shows, meet characters (maybe get a onesie or photo frame for baby signed?), and just do the things I normally rushed past to get to btmrr… and for an adults only trip, there are lots of good restaurants and tours you could do to round out the fun. Just rest as needed (the heat and low blood sugar always snuck up on me while I was pregnant) and drink plenty of water.

I agree with @awspoede, when I was pregnant at Disney I really enjoyed doing the slower pace and really taking in the sights. I missed some rides, but I still had a wonderful time.