"Preferred" show times won't stick

Even when I choose the preferred show time in my touring plans it will not place the show in that time slot in my touring plans when I optimize. It’s definitely not because of a conflict with something else because I am trying to choose the 11:55pm showing of Mickey’s Merriest Celebration during MVMCP and I have nothing after 10:30 showing on the plan. It still puts it at the 7:40 showing. Any ideas?

I had same issue with an ROL time after park closing–ended up just entering a break then and renaming it.

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To follow up on momfourmonkeys’ post … You need to have enough “activities” to fill the plan from your Start Time to sometime past the 10:30 show time. Otherwise the optimization will select the earlier showing. Remember, the selection is a preferred time, not a hard anchor. If you are not yet firm on what will be filling those earlier hours, then just create a long Break to stretch your plan out past 10:30. Later you can shrink or eliminate the Break as you decide what you will be doing.