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How worth it is the prefered viewing areas for the world of color or fantasmic? We have seen world of color once during the holidays and it was crowded but we still saw the show. I have wanted to dine at one of the nicer restaurants anyways. So do you really get a good spot to watch the show? is there a place to sit, or do you still have to stand and look over people? Thanks… Also I am more interested in fantasmic, since we havent seen that show yet,

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ok, I did just read it is standing only for world of color

For WOC dining packages, yes it’s all standing. It is centered & some of the restaurants offer more forward views which along the rails can make for a fine view. However you still have to show up 60 min before the show for a railing spot. If you are interested in a splurge WOC does do a dessert party. It’s the only way to get a seat for the show & provides a great view, great desserts & great service. Kids are the same price as adults ($79/person) BUT kids do get a glow with the show WOC cup which was so awesome. Some reviews have said the desserts didn’t wow them but I was very happy with my dessert plate and some of the savory offerings.

If you have never seen Fantasmic yet, I highly recommend it & this is one dining package (unlike the WOC dining packages) that I feel is worth it’s full value. We have done both the Blue Bayou (but with the previous version of the show from 2015 & before) as well as a new dining package offering- premium River Belle 8pm patio seating. With the premium River Belle dining you book dinner for 8pm (must call to book, not available online) and stay in your seat on the River Belle terrace which faces the Rivers of America to watch the 9pm F! show. River Belle for the meal is $45/adult $25/kid, then another $15/person for the premium seating to stay in your seat for the show. We did this to watch F! right after it came back this summer & while it was a great experience and we really felt super spoiled & waited on hand & foot, we would hesitate to book it again for two reasons 1) Only a handful of the tables are right at the railing closest to the water with a clear view of the show/stage & you cannot come early/request for/add a note to your reservation to get one of these tables. We lucked out with the closest table by the railing but paid the same price as people who were sitting in the back squinting & watching through heads to see the show, so it would be a very disappointing to get that view. 2) A closer view than the terrace can provide is a much better view of the show & allows you to appreciate the grand scale of some of the effects. For that reason, the Blue Bayou or regular River Belle (non-premium) are great options as their seating sections are up front and Blue Bayou is front & center. Blue Bayou will provide a seat cushion with your meal as the section is a seated (on the ground) section. When we did this meal package it was my absolute favorite way to watch F! as we didn’t have to clamor for a spot and had room to breathe and saw the show from the best view there is. I’m not sure what the prices are for the Blue Bayou now but it was a pricy meal too but very delicious & well worth it for the food & viewing area. If you are looking for a Disney dining & show experience, you cannot beat the Blue Bayou F! combination.

it looks like the blue bayou is already booked up for my dates :frowning:

Keep checking back on it as closer to the day there might be something that becomes available. People change their plans & can cancel up to 24 hrs in advance. Also, if you are an onsite guest call & talk to the Dining Reservations line as they set aside a certain amount of reservations for onsite hotel guests only. If you’re not staying onsite: then definitely check back the day before/day of because if they don’t all book then they are made available to general public.

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I personnally think that WoC dining packages are the best way to do WoC. I went during Christmas times, showed up 15 minutes before the show started and got great spots. I always book it; it makes watching the show much better!

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cafe orleans has spots open for F! I might just go that route instead.

@lolabear_la, the seating is only on the ground for F! unless yet the River Belle meal? I cannot sit in the ground, even with a cushion (back issue). Can I stand?

Hi! You cannot stand in the dining package areas, except the on the go food option. The fastpass areas are also standing. Do you have another DL trip planned?

So the dining packages for F! is all seated except the on the go option? If i get the cafe orleans I’ll have a spot to sit? I think I’m gonna do that because we have never seen the show and I really want a good spot.

Right now we are planning a summer 2018 DLR trip. Funny, I have a Dec.2028 wdw trip booked so I think I should start to think about this! I need to wait until summer school dates are picked to know my dates.

The seats are all on the ground?

Lola, do you get a cushion with the river belle? also looks like river belle with be closed during my dates so they are offering the cafe orleans. also if i decide to skip the package all together, how are the seating options if I pull a fastpass for F! ? Thanks in advance,

Yes, you will be sitting if you do the Blue Bayou or River Belle Terrace (and Cafe Orleans during RBT’s refurb right now). We did this a few years ago and it was a great view. At that time they provided a butt cushion, not sure if they still do. I will be doing this Cafe Orleans option 3 weeks from today so can report back if your trip is after that.

Wow, they are sure taking reservations early! :wink: I am guessing that is 2018.

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Yes, for the dining packages the seating is on the ground and they make everyone sit. Not sure if they are giving out seat cushions anymore, they used to with the package.

For the TS dining packages the seating is on the ground (front and center though). That’s Blue Bayou and River Belle usually but while River Belle is down for refurb, Cafe Orleans. On the go package has a standing section but if you get it for the later show and the crowds are thinner they may mix it in with the other two TS sections and then it would be a seated section. FP are all standing sections.

I’m not clear on, if Cafe Orleans is offering a premium stay in your seat during the River Belle refurb. That was the only way to sit in a chair proper to watch the show. But once River Belle returns, I’m sure they will move right back to offering that again as they are moving more & more to upcharge models.

@amberlys94 and @PrincipalTinker, I just saw this from Disneyland Daily and it implies that while the on the go option was rumored to be standing, she has done it 3 times and always been able to sit. This is what she said about the on the go option:

I think this dining package is an excellent value. The viewing section is fantastic – right next to Blue Bayou, which is much pricier – at $65 a person.
Technically, the only sections that are guaranteed to be able to sit on the ground while watching the show are Blue Bayou and River Belle Terrace. If the crowds are heavy enough, guests in the Hungry Bear section may be asked to stand to accommodate more people. However, in the three times I watched Fantasmic!, shortly after it began in the busy summer, I never saw this section have to stand.
Within each dining package section, guests in wheelchairs or ECVs are stationed near the back of the section so that they’re not blocking other guests’ views since they’ll be sitting on the ground. Feel free to enjoy any of the dining packages and know you can sit with everyone in your party within in the dining package sections noted on the map above.

This is a great page with all your options:

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Sounds like no, as that seating area is under refurb. Looking forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks! What day do you arrive? I will be there around noon on Thursday.

When F! first returned they tried to upcharge for the cushions as. Premium Blue Bayou dining offer. But quickly it was made a part of the regular package and instead the premium one offered a FP in the Main St reserved viewing section for the late MSEP. As far as I know, Blue Bayou is the only dining package to offer the butt cushion. BUT I did hear a rumor (that I haven’t yet confirmed) that the butt cushions are available for purchase on Disney park app for $8.

And lastly Hi Karen! @Wahoohokie