Prefered room at pop

Is the resort at Pop really that big? I have been hearing that a room in the back feels like miles from the busses? is this true? would it be worth the upgrade to a prefered room? At the end of a long day of walking I dont want to take forever to get back to my room especially with a tired 8 year old.

You can use the room finder app to view room views and locations. This will let you see where the rooms are and you can then request that room if you like. This is the link.

oh cool, thanks! Looks like i wanna request a room in the 70s!

The last I heard was that the 70’s is still being remodeled, but that was like in September I hope they are finished. I think buildings 7 8 9 and 10 are done, but please don’t quote me.

ok thanks, a refurbished room is not as important to me as a close room.

I’m disabled and need a close room also. I tried to book pop but missed my room by one day so we had to book ASsports. Good thing you did not book CB or CS they make pop look tiny in size.

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I have ended up carrying my son those last few steps when we are in disneyland because he is too tired to go on. he is heavy! but to dang big for a stroller!! lol Just trying to avoid that. Thanks again for your help. this is our first trip to wdw, I have a lot to learn

I and my family stayed at POP in 2015. There was nine of us and we got two adjoining rooms with a river view we did not request. We just ended up with it. Now bus service was never as bad as some people make it out to be. It can be a pain at the end of the night if you stay till the very end. The rooms at the Value resorts are not that big but they have two double beds and if you need more bring a single blowup bed which we did and there was just enough room to set it up. Personally we loved the POP for the whole family especially because I was paying the bill. Most often though we try to stay at Port of New Orleans Riverside when it is just I an my wife. As you stated, when your tried about anything will do and if your on a budget POP is a very good choice.

There are standard rooms in the 70’s 60’s and 50’s that are close to the lobby and transportation. We stayed in the 70’s this October-bld 6, and had a standard room on the second floor facing the lake ( i think it was 6232). It was about 90 seconds to the lobby/food court and then we could walk through the lobby to get to the buses. Super close! I’ve stayed in the 80’s in a standard pool view room and it was a haul to the food court. We could cut through the parking lot to the buses but carrying a sleeping kid back was tough. I’ve also had a 50’s room that was close to lobby and transportation as well but don’t remember the number. Use the room finder and put in standard room and less than 3 minutes to food court and transportation. You can find great standard rooms.

Building 3 in the 50s section had some rooms on the back side that were not preferred but were close. We were on the 4th floor using the stairs and we only had a 3-4 minute walk.