Predictions for March Hours?

We’ll be at Disney World March 25-29 and are not doing HS this time. Park hours are 9-9 for MK and EP and 9-8 for AK. Looking at hours for these days for the past three years, it looks like the parks were open closer to 11 or 12 most nights.

Wondering what your thoughts are on park hour extensions during that time and if so, when they might begin to show up “officially”.

MK has EMH on the 25 and 27, EMM on the 26 and 29, and Villains After Hours on the 27. EP has EMH on the 26. AK has After Hours on the 26 and EMH on the 28.

My bold prediction is that they move up HS opening hours to 8:00 am. I’m guessing the announcement is mid-feb.

Come March, I’m hoping for 7 AMs, but realistically 8 is probably more likely. I’m crossing my fingers that after a few days of 8 AMs in February they’ll adjust the opening times back to 7. :crossed_fingers:


Why are you hoping for 7am?!?!? That’s SO early!

Agreed. You have to be up so early to get there and be ready to tap in.

I’m hoping CL’s will drop first week of March. Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday are a week earlier this year, so fingers crossed. I thought increased CL’s was due to Flower and Garden until I learned they are based on last year’s data, and last year was a holiday. I told DH I couldn’t believe F&G increases the CL so much throughout the parks. Hoping for 8:00AM opening at HS also … :nerd_face:

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Curious why Hollywood Studios has gone with early openings and closings? I get it during the holidays, but the park was staying open later anyway. Why have they been going 7 am - 8 pm? Why not 9 am - 10 pm?

My completely uninformed idea is to better align with daylight hours. Daylight hours today are 7am-6pm, so it makes sense to add hours in the morning, rather than at night.

I will be arriving on March 23rd and have a ticket for DAH at MK that night. The ticket shows the times for after hours as 10pm-1am with MK having a posted closing time of 9pm. I do not think there is usually a time lapse between the 2 so that might mean ML closing hours could change to 10pm that week

My guess is that they make it earlier to try and lower the RD crowd trying to get BGs.

My guess is that they make it earlier to try and lower the RD crowd trying to get BGs.

But wouldn’t that have the exact opposite effect for guests with Park Hoppers by allowing you to rope drop two parks? (Go to Hollywood Studios at 7 am, get your Rise of the Resistance boarding group, maybe ride a ride or two depending on lines, then head to a second park to rope drop…)

I just did the 2 park RD…was great except the really early part. I also wonder about 7am for spring break crowds…will be there at anticipated busy time based on super peak hotel rates

I think that the number of people discouraged by the early start (or simply unable to get out of their own way and make it on time) would exceed the number of people ambitious enough to do two RDs. As an added bonus, the two RD folks would be leaving the park once they get their BG assignment, lowering the early crowds across the park.

I’m hoping, possibly unrealistically, to get a BG then RD SDD and maybe another ride then hightail it over to Epcot for their RD at 8. If 7 is the opening time at the very least I might be able to RD SDD if at HS super early to be close to the front of the throng. An 8 opening throws my plans for the day a bit off track, so I’m really hoping the hours change.

I thought that was a little odd too. I’m hoping they extend hours a bit and close later, especially in MK. Mornings are a little trickier as we have PPO ADRs almost every day, but I’d be thrilled if they moved the EMH day to 7. My kids are gonna be up at 4 anyway, might as well go to the parks.

Oh, joy! CL’s increased March 5-10. Expected it at HS (CL 10 several days), but not at the other parks. And HS still showing park open at 9:00. HS added an evening EMH on March 8.

First week of March - HS hours have changed from 9:00AM to 8:00AM opening. Yay!

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Second week of March, too.

And some AK evening hours - but not all days?
I’ve been spending most of today stalking FPs for HS. Wish they would’ve updated the third week today, too. Back to waiting.

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Anyone have any idea if they’ll be opening up fastpasses for that extra hour? I managed to get MFSR and MMRR, but they are later in the day and I’d love an earlier timeslot if possible.