Predicting 4th FastPass+ reservation return times?

I’ve only found the tables showing when FastPass+ reservations are expected to run out. But is there a way to have the touring plan approximate what the return times might be for any 4th FastPass+ reservation made when in the park? So if my 3 pre-scheduled FastPass+ reservations for FOP, Safari and Everest ends at noon, what are the expected return times for FastPass+ reservations of, let’s say, Na’vi River Journey or Dinosaur?

I know the Disneyland version predicts this, but can’t figure out if this is available for the WDW version.

Thanks in advance.

No, because it could be any time. With DL’s FP system, they give them out in time order. That’s not the case with WDW’s system. On any given day there will be FPs available morning, afternoon and evening - depending on the ride popularity. You might look at 11 and I’ve just cancelled one for 11.05-12.05 so you can pick it up and use it immediately. TP can’t predict that.

Where are the tables located that show when FastPass+ reservations are expected to run out? Thanks!