Predicted weather

Hello, I am looking at the long term weather for my upcoming trip. We are 32 days away. We have reservations for Fantasmic, but in looking at the weather forecast for that in day, I see rain. Fantasmic will be cancelled if it rains. Is it too early for me to be worried? Will the forecast likely change? Or, should I rearrange my schedule?

It is way too early to worry about the rain. Also, during most times of the year you will see daily rain. Storms and rain usually clear out before sunset.

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It’s way to early to worry about the weather. We go in October and while the weather forecast is there or there about on the day itself, before that it’s never that accurate.

I from the UK and as you know we’re obsessed by the weather but I never worry about the forecast :smile:



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Hi Mary,

As a meteorologist, I can tell you that you can’t forecast rain/cloud much more than 5 days in advance. Temperatures, you could probably get a ball park figure 10 days before your departure. Any forecast longer than 10 days is just wishful thinking and mostly based on statistics.

Good luck with your planning…


Thank you. I appreciate your help. I will stop worrying. We will have a great time no matter what.