Predicted vs actual crowd level?

is there an easy link to the page where it shows predicted vs actual crowd levels?


Oh, you mean you want to know what the link is. I get it now. :wink:

Thanks. Does that page or a different one show what was originally predicted as well?

This just shows for the day prior. Not sure if there is a page that shows more.

From that page with all years and months, you can pick a month then pick any day in that month to see the actual levels. It looks like they show predicted levels as well, only on dates starting with Jan 2017.

It shows what the final prediction was - there is no page for the original prediction. Also, which prediction would be considered the original one - the one made 365 days in advance, the one made after WDW releases initial park hours, or the one made after WDW makes the final changes to park hours?