Pre-trip “Milestones”

In the months/days leading to a trip, there are always those exciting milestones. Things like:

  • ADR day
  • 30 days out

And for me, one of my favorites is “Disney nails day”… the last manicure appt I have before a trip which means I get my special “Cinderella” mani (which is a sparkly white) and some kind of Mickey pattern on my toes.

Today is Disney Nails Day for me for my next trip! Yay!

What are your special “Milestones” before a trip?


Love it! I hope you have a good time.

I love packing day. Gathering everything and talking through what all we need makes it very real that we are leaving soon. Going from 100 to 99 days left always is exciting along with 10 to 9.


Dalmatian day! 101 days out :slight_smile:

I also get my nails done before every vacation - so fun!

We start a countdown chain with the kids at 30 days out. Each night at dinner a rotating member of the family takes a link off the chain, announces how many days left, and something they are looking forward to.


That’s my fave, too. My sil does nails for a living and I go Thursday for pedi and some acrylics. I love having Minnie dots on my toes and still thinking about my fingers. Enjoy your nail day and trip!


I suppose for favorite pre-trip milestone is when a pipe dream becomes reality!

Just booked. Flight yesterday, and hotel the day before that. Yay!