Pre-Trip Brain Stream

We are going 23 Nov - 2 Dec this year. We are usual January travelers, but are SUPER excited to see the parks and resorts in full holiday swing!
I have been planning this trip since we came back from our last trip, Jan 2017!
We are doing a split stay to take advantage of Free Dining, so 23rd at POP (no tickets or dining plan) and then 24th-2ndt at Caribbean Beach. We usually are POP only people, so branching out to a Mod is exciting!
We have tweaked many times, and I hoped that when ADRs passed that I would stop tweaking, but it didn’t! LOL!

SO here is what I have.

23 Nov – Arrival Day
I got a really good flight out, I am super happy with the time (not so much the price, but oh well!).
Southwest direct flight Manchester to Orlando
Take off 10:45 am (no need to wake up super early!)

Land at MCO 2:05.
We should be at POP by 4, hopefully.
Nice! I like it, time to wander the resort, or even head to Disney Springs before heading to bed for…

Day 2
24 Nov – Epcot Day 1

Since we are doing a split stay, and this is our move day over to Caribbean Beach, we will have to get up and out EARLY and drop our stuff off at Bell Services before heading over to Epcot. This is something I have not done before, so I am a bit concerned.

I HOPE to be at Epcot for rope drop. Head right to Soarin’. Then have breakfast at Sunshine Seasons and ride The Land.
I hope to get FPs for before World Showcase opens at Spaceship Earth (this IS the Sat after Thanksgiving, it will be busy!) and Turtle Talk and then hop on over to Figment.
Then World Showcase time. Wander some, eat some, FP for Frozen sometime in there. Just kind of do Showcase stuff until out 5:05 Akershus ADR.
After that I HOPE to get a FP for Test Track, but if not, we will Single Rider it.
Then home!

Day 3
25 Nov – Hollywood Studios Day

We will grab a quick breakfast somewhere and rope drop the park.

I am “Meh.” feeling about Toy Story Land. The coaster looks cute, and Woody’s Lunchbox sounds great, but it will be a quick in and out. For me, Hollywood Studios is about Star Wars.
Tower of Terror and RnR will be in there, but a few trips on Star Tours is my goal!
Also grabbing a Butterfinger cupcake is on my list.
We have a 4:10 ADR at Sci-Fi. After that we will leave and head over to the Grand Floridian to listen to the Jazz band for awhile and check out the gingerbread house.
Then I would like to go over to The Boardwalk. I have never been and really want to see it (and try Ample Hills!). Getting back to Caribbean Beach will be tricky. We do have park hoppers, so if it is early enough, we might just go through Epcot (maybe ride something) and then catch the bus there. If it is too late, then we will have to get a bus to Disney Springs and then back to CBR. A walking path to CBR would be nice! It is RIGHT there!

Day 4
26 Nov – 4-Parks-1-Day

It is planned to be a quiet park crowd day. Our plan is to go in each park and:
Ride 2 rides
Get a park specific pressed penny
Pin trade
Picture @ icon
and eat something
We also want to do all 4 WDW mountains in 1 day.
Here is our plan:
Bus from resort to AK, get there for our pre-park opening for breakfast at Tusker, pic at the tree, ride Everest and then Dino on the way out.
Then bus from AK to MK where I will have my 3 FPs for the mountains, pic at castle and Mickey bar or Cheshire Cat tail on the way out.

Bus to HS. Ride Star Wars and FP (hopefully) Tower of Terror, pic at Tower of Terror. Cupcake or carrot cake cookie.

Then relaxing boat ride from HS to EP. Ride Figment, Spaceship Earth. Then we have an ADR at 7:55 to watch the fireworks from Spice Road Table.

Fairly easy and something I have been planning and really wanting to do for awhile now!

Day 5
27 Nov – Day off-ish and MVMCP day

Slow day with not much planned.
8:05 Kona ADR … Tonga Toast!
Nothing planned.
Might open up MDE and see what FPs we can get and head there.
Might head over to Fort Wilderness.
Might go swimming.
Might go to Disney Springs.
I dunno.
Then we have a 2:30 ADR at Liberty Tree.
Then MVMCP time!

Day 6
28 Nov – Day Off-ish

So, I can see in our future owning some DVC. So, I set up a time for a DVC tour for 8:30 am. Getting FPs and maybe a gift card are GREAT perks, and seeing a new resort is pretty cool, too.
So they will pick us up at Caribbean Beach and we will go to Saratoga Springs. It should take about 2 hours and they will drop us off anywhere. So, depending upon what time we get out I will have them bring us to Fort Wilderness or right to the Grand Floridian. I say the Grand because we then have a 12:00 ADR there for Tea! We loved it last time and I am excited to do it again.
After tea, no plans, once again. We DO have 8 day hopper tickets, so we might to the FP game again, or we just might resort hop.

The next thing we have to do is 7pm ADR at 1900 Park Fare. After eating, we will head out to the beach and maybe walk towards the Poly, and watch the Electrical Water Pageant then the fireworks.
Then hopefully monorail to MK for the bus home!

Day 7
29 Nov – AK Day

This day is very flexible until our FP day. We will aim to get there early and ride Na’vi and the Safari early one. Then wander the park for a bit.
We have a 11:30 lunch ADR at Sanaa (I plan on asking for a window table). I figured that would make the trip to the restaurant would work out best from and back to AK would be easiest. AK is not usually a full day park for us. We want to get there early, like I said, but we also want to be there at night, so the break in the middle will be a good thing.
We love Everest and Dino, so we will hit those a few time. I want FPs for Passage (I am worried about fitting since I am plus sized and hubby is tall) and for Kali (we usually go in January, so it is never open).
We will hang out for Tree Awakening, maybe watch Rivers of Light and also wander through Pandora at night.

Day 8
30 Nov – Epcot (or MK)

So our last 2 days are going to be hard, maybe changing.
On the 30th, Epcot is down to be a 5 and MK a 2!
On the 1st, Epcot is down to be a 4 and MK a 10!!
So, our current plan is Epcot for the 30thand MK on the 1st only because we have our ADRs set, and I cannot find replacement one…yet! I was thinking of doing ½ Epcot and ½ MK these days, but the 30th is a MVMCP day (hence the 2 level) so going there the second half is out and our ADR is 8am Garden Grill.
SO…here is what it looks like now…
Garden Grill at 8am. Eat then do Soarin’, Land, etc. Nothing exciting or crazy this day, just seeing and doing what we didn’t last time.

Day 9
1 Dec – MK (or Epcot/MK)
Crowd Level 10 scares me.
We will TOTALLY be there for rope drop and get as much done as possible before 1- the crowds get insane and 2- before out 11:30 lunch ADR at Be Our Guest.
After that will all depend upon the crowds!
We do have the Plaza View Fireworks Dessert Party, so that will super helpful with the crowds.
I am hoping the extend park hours to midnight…if they do, we will totally stay and close down the park.

Day 10
2 Dec – Travel Home

Just a travel day. Our flight takes off at 11:20, so Tragic Express will grab us around 8am.
No direct flight, just one quick stop and land home at 4pm.

I loved typing that out. I tweaked a few things as I was thinking it out to type.


Have you done SR to watch illuminations before? We are considering. We have never been to either.

I have not eaten there at all! We love that type of food, though, I am excited!