At the risk of starting rumors: I am watching a livestream from DHS right now, because I find it helps me guage where bottlenecks and crowded areas might be. It might be a coincidence, but in both rides they’ve ridden (MMRR and RotR) the pre shows were not running. Has anyone heard that they are pulling back on the pre shows again?

I’m fine if that is true, and understand the reasons; I just want to prep my kids who were looking forward to finally seeing the preshow to MMRR. I guess maybe I’ll just tell them that it’s one of those things that maybe will be happening and maybe not and we just have to “get what we get and not throw a fit.” We’ll be at Disney in 10 days!


Interesting observation/question. I want to follow to hear too.

We were there July 14 - 21. AFAIK, all preshows were running. I had ridden both FOP and MFSR before and my experiences were the same as before. The preshow was on for MMRR, which I know for certain because the woman next to me told me that it was the preshow, and was very excited because it had not been running. I had heard there were two preshows for ROTR and I believe I saw both of them.

(It’s worth noting that was I was there before masks were required indoors again. )

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This would be a good question for chat on the lines app. It seems to be the place that people on site like to hang out while in the World.

ETA @eightyeightkeys posted they were at MMRR today — hopefully they can chime in and let you know if the preshow was running.


Both the pre shows for MMRR and ROTR were shown today! :blush:


Preshows on FOP were running as normal on Friday.


Perfect, thank you all! I guess it was just bad luck for the streamers!

Pre shows were running at dinosaur and FOP this evening.