Pre-RP breakfast for early access - thing of the past?

Now that all parks will have early access, do you think that the pre-RP breakfast reservation for early park access is a thing of the past?

For example, our pre-lockdown plans had a Akershus 8 am breakfast reservation for a 9 am open, and we were going to hussle over to Frozen to be in line before the hordes. But, once they start early access that only gives a 30 minute jump. Seems like similar logistics for all of them. Of course, maybe they will start to offer first reservations 1.5 hours before official open.

What made me think of that was the speculation in The book that assuming FP comes back, Frozen will be demoted to a Tier 2 tier.



This makes me so sad.


Me too


That will make Aker. difficult for us, and that was DD’s request for dining.

When I first looked at their menu, the lunch and dinner entrees all had something off. I am sure there are foodies out there that think those things give them flare. For example, the chocolate cake, which should be a safe bet, was dark chocolate with something on it. Although DD’s tastes are evolving, just the other day I said to her, “I thought you don’t like dark chocolate?” as she was eating my dark chocolate thin mints. She said, “I like good dark chocolate.”
With the breakfast ending at 11:30, and the park opening (likely) at 9am, that is still prime-FP time. Assuming FP returns.

I’d book it about 11.15 or 11.20.

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Me three. I loved a pre-park opening breakfast.