Pre-Rope Drop ADR's

I’ve been wondering about pre-rope drop ADR’s.

  1. How has everyone’s experience been getting from the Disney Resort Hotels to the parks for the ADR’s? Anyone have any issues using the bus system?

  2. Do the early ADR’s take about 90 minutes?

  3. If you get the 1st seating for that meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) is there still a wait to be seated? As I’ve heard it can be about 20 minutes or so wait to be seated for most ADR’s.

  4. Do you still show up 10 minutes early for a pre-RD ADR?

  1. Last October we stayed at AKL. We got a 6.45am bus for an 8am-ish ADR at MK on a 9am open day. We were there at 7am, needless to say on our own for quite sometime (in the dark). There was us and one other family on the bus, so the journey was very quick.

  2. ADRs take as long as you want them to. We didn’t rush ours, so probably did take 90 minutes. If you allow for 90 minutes, you can always fit in an extra ride if you finish earlier.

  3. We were first in at hollywood and vine, so we didn’t have to wait. At both Tusker house and crystal palace it took a while for everyone to be seated. Plus at tusker house there’s a photo outside before you go in.

  4. We were at the parks early as that is what our fellow liners have advised ;-). We were at MK, DHS and AK well before RD for all of our pre-RD meals. It’s quite a walk over to TH at AK. Also, if you’re ealry you get the opportunity to get your photo taken in relatively empty parks. I’m not sure you need to be at the restaurant 10 minutes early, but I would definitely recommend being at the front gate at least 10 minutes before your ADR.

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Thank you, this is very helpful

Anyone have any experience getting to MK for a pre-RD breakfast by parking the car at the TTC? Do the monorails or ferry go over early enough? When do you think you should pull into parking to achieve this goal? (I was able to get a September 8:20am CRT yesterday with the help of a helpful liner, but am staying offsite).

You may have to take the resort monorail loop that early. My last experience with this was back in 2009, but we were able to park at the TTC and take the resort loop to the MK in time to make our 8:05 am ADR at Crystal Palace. We did have to wait about 10 minutes to be seated - even being first seating, it still takes time to process all of the people showing up, as they’re essentially going to fill the restaurant right away.

Reviving this thread…do you need to have an actual physical print-out of your reservation to get through the tapstiles, or can I just read the confirmation number off my phone to the CM?

When I did one in january, there was a CM with a list, I just told her my name and party size and they let us in.