Pre rope drop adr question

So we have an 8:10 bog scheduled for the end of June on a day the park opens at 9. Currently we have fastpasses for pp at 11. But I was thinking of trying to ride pp after breakfast before the rd crowd hits and booking another fastpass for a different ride at 11 to make the most out of the morning.

My fear is they will change the hours of park opening from 9 to 8 at the last minute and we will miss out on that pp advantage, and have given up our fastpasses for it. How far out would they change the opening hours if they were going to? We are a little over 3 weeks out are we safe?

What would you guys do?


They can always open earlier. They will only expand hours, but they will not open later.

If they open at 8, just cancel the BOG reservation and rope drop instead.

No firsthand experience yet, but I’m in a similar situation. I’ve decided to keep fastpasses as they are and then drop them accordingly that morning. I travel in two weeks. My reasoning is (along with potential park hour changes) I’ve seen mixed commentary on what happens after you finish breakfast and before official opening. I’ve seen accounts from people who get their food very quickly and are able to ride multiple rides before the RD crowd enters, and I’ve seen accounts from people who were held in line until 9 or who waited forever for food…

I figure even if I get a ride on one of my FPP choices and decide to drop it that morning, I’m still ahead of the game with one ride done before opening and already on to a sdfp.

For reference, my current FPP are 7DMT, Splash and Space Mtn. So I will be trying for PP pre RD