Pre-ride, are the minutes for the activities included on the TP times?

I was just filling out the Touring Plans survey I received this morning about our trip last week. Some of ride the times, I now realize, are strictly for the ride portion and do not include the added experience before the ride. For example, with Test Track, my TP says a 4 minute ride time, which is true for the ride, but it does not include the time it takes to make your car and stand around in that room. I built in time for rides after that, but I wish the TP had accounted for it because it adds up. But for Mission Space the 15 minute ride time included the pre-enter the ship directive parts. Maybe I'm nit-picking here, but I just thought it was odd

I think the same way. I want to know the time from when I enter the queue to when I ride, as well as knothe time from when I enter to when I exit.

When timing a wait, you are supposed syst when you encounter resistance. This works fine for Peter Pan or splash mountain where there aren't things to slow you down.

This doesn't work on haunted mansion. If you are the first person to ride in the morning, you won't have a wait, so you never can start the timer, but you still wait for the stretching room before riding. The time spent riding is considerably less than the actual time spent at the attraction. However, if there are some people ahead of you in line, you start the timer, you have to wait for the stretching room, and then stop it right before riding.

Here's the conversation I had on the chat room side regarding this issue:

Just noticed in the PTP, that they have the duration for test track at 4 minutes. Is the wait time including the pre-show part, where you design the vehicle? Here's a copy of my plan for that day.
3:51pm on 7/3/14 by Luv2adoptStitch
The "preshow" is part of the queue, so that should be part of the wait. The on-ride duration is four minutes.
3:52pm on 7/3/14 by Mr.Itty

Thanks! Interesting though. IMHO I would think those minutes should be included in the ride time. The queue times vary so much it's still hard to factor them in with a TP. Plus i think the interactive queues where you have to spend time doing something for your ride are part of the ride experience as a whole, like with TT. If I recall correctly the time you spend before actually getting into your "spaceship" on Mission Space are included in the ride time?? I could be wrong though...