Pre RD ressie

How often are EMH in the morning added to party days? I scored a 8am BOG (thanks Res Finder!). But it is on a party day that I was planning on being a rest day. I don’t want to change all our plans if a PreRd ressie doesn’t stay PreRd!

We are traveling the 1st week of October

I think that there will only be morning extra magic hours on Fridays in October, when on-site guests can be there from 8-9. I don’t think that I have heard of a second morning EMH in a week, outside of the very busy holiday weeks. Sometimes Disney extends regular hours at Magic Kingdom to start at 8:00 am, but I suspect that it’s less likely the first week in October than it would be during a busier week. It’s possible that they could extend the Early Morning Magic program, but reports says that the Early Morning Magic hasn’t affected pre-RD BOG guests that much.