Pre-RD "Magical" Snack?

My favorite way to start the first full day of each trip is to arrive at MK pre-RD just about as early as they will let me in. Main Street is empty and quiet and the early morning sunlight on the castle is just plain magical. (My first trip, I was a little overly-enthusiastic and got there so early that there was no one around to take my parking fee and the ticket booths were not even open yet! :grinning: )

In the past, I’ve always eaten a quick breakfast before heading to the park, but this is purely out of a sense of duty because I’m never actually hungry at 6 am. Do you have a favorite “magical” snack, drink, or light breakfast item that you can purchase pre-RD on Main Street and munch on while waiting for the opening show? I have a 10:50 ADR for brunch at GF Cafe so I don’t need or want a full breakfast, but I like the idea of starting my trip off with something special to nibble while I wait for RD.

How early can you get a dole whip?

If I was staying at the Poly, I might get one if I could. Otherwise, I’d be needing coffee! Maybe one of the Disney chocolate lollies?

But one thing, you do know there’s a new opening procedure? So you won’t get that empty Main Street any more. And the gates open at 8am for a 9am park opening.

Main Street is no longer quiet pre-rd since they moved the welcome show to the hub. They let everyone down Main Street at 0800 for an 0900 day and 0745 for an 0800 day. The only thing I think that’s open besides TS at that time is the Bakery. Nothing especially magical there except magical awakening elixir

Buy a special cupcake or cookie the night before and save it for the morning! You could buy one at the airport or at your hotel in the AM if you are staying on-site. Dessert for breakfast is totally acceptable at Disney! :wink:


Maybe I got super lucky, because Main Street was basically empty pre-RD on my first trip last January, when the welcome show was at the hub. Must have been a really low CL day, maybe? Like I said, I got there super early…I think I was pretty much the first person through the tapstiles right at 8am and there was hardly anyone else around.

I do like the idea of grabbing either a dole whip at the Poly or a snack the night before and saving it for the next morning! Too bad there’s nothing particularly magical at the bakery on Main Street. :cry:

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Yes very lucky. January was very cold this year so it might have kept folks in warmer places until it warmed up a bit. We arrived at 0740 for an 0900 last weekend (a sunday) and it was definitely NOT quiet on Main! We waited about 20 minutes for photos, to give you perspective.

Also I don’t think Pineapple Lanai is open early on for preRD dole whip.

I feel like such a Debbie Downer. I’m really NOT trying to poo on all of your ideas/plans. Just trying to help you plan. :confused: Sorry I sound so negative! I’m really not!!!

I don’t do PPO, rope drop, EMH or any of that other craziness.

My treat comes at the end of the day, when I stop off at Starbucks for a Frapuccino. Absolutely love them — such a delicious treat to end the day and accompany me on the slow walk to the park exit.

No, I’m glad you’re telling me these things now! It would have been a bummer to make a special stop at the Poly for a dole whip and discover that’s it’s not open yet.

Speaking of the Poly, last time my sister got a Mickey-shaped, coconut-flavored muffin with her breakfast at Kona. It was amazing. Do you know if they sell those at Kona Island?

It’s also good that I’m not expecting to have Main Street all to myself… that’s so weird that it was so empty last time…
(Though in reality, it’s very possible that it was a lot busier than I am remembering. I may have been so enamored with that first glimpse of the castle that I didn’t notice anything else! My sisters tease me for having “tunnel vision.” When we arrived at King’s Cross in London on our trip last summer, I walked right past Kate Middleton - close enough for a fist bump, I’m told - and had no idea. I was so focused on trying to spot a sign marked “toilet” that I didn’t notice the police dogs, the body guards, or my sisters whispering in my ear.)


I do not know. They do have plenty of pastry there though!

That does sound like a lovely way to end the day . . . except that I could never drink a Frappucino at that hour. I would be awake all night long, even if I ordered decaf! :crazy_face:

I do make it point to get a Frappucino from the AK Starbucks (Creature Comforts) and sip it while wandering through the trails at the base of the Tree of Life and searching for new animal carvings that escaped my notice on prior visits. It has become one of my favorite little traditions.

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Captn Cooks sells pastries, cookies and muffins, and they are always open.

Good to know! We totally missed these trails on our last visit. I’d rather see that than the animal trails.

Nothing wakes me better than that magical awakening elixir called Starbucks… Call me a coffee snob, typical white girl, etc. I don’t care. :rofl:

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I agree (and I love your avatar, btw!). I will say that Joffrey’s is really, really good. And if you ever get the chance, definitely do get to Kona Island in Poly for a press pot of authentic Kona coffee (not a blend, authentic).

I enjoyed the Joffrey’s latte, but it wasn’t Starbucks. I’m seriously addicted, like every morning. I work to support my Starbucks habit. They know me by name at my local location. As for Kona, we eat breakfast there at least once during our trips for the macadamia nut pineapple pancakes. However, DW was stationed in Hawaii when she was in the Army so she won’t order the press pot because “it’s not the same.” :roll_eyes:

Thank you for avatar compliment… I found it in Google images.

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So order it for yourself :wink: They will make it to go :slight_smile: I enjoyed one cup while eating breakfast and a second on the way to Epcot. On another morning I got it from Kona Island to go - one cup while getting ready to roll, the other while rolling :wink:

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Good idea! Thanks!