I have two CRT ADRs right now. One is pre-RD (8:25) on a day that I’m planning on my daughter and I being at AK for the majority of the day. The other is post-RD (10:35) on a day that we’ll be at MK for the day. How special is being there before RD? Trying to weigh the wow factor against the insanity of running from one park to another just for a meal…Thanks!

It’s relative really. You get a basically empty Main St to take photos without all of the crowds and see not spend a lot of park time eating. But if you’re a leisurely traveler that isn’t bothered about the pictures either could work well for you. The travel time from MK to AK when everyone is still streaming into the park could be a little hectic and may not be worth it for you. Could you swap your MK and AK days? That might make it a little easier.

Thanks for the reply. I could swap, but then I’d be trading a 2 day at MK for a day that’s a 5. I’m probably motivated more by crowd aversion than by anything else.

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I hear that for sure! The empty street is magical for a lot of people, but given your specific circumstance I’d probably just keep the 10:35 to avoid the hassle of hopping so early in the day which is going to eat up a lot of your AK day.