Pre-RD Breakfast-WWYD?

Split stay BWI/YC, 2 adults fitting in as much as we can- we plan to be exhausted when we get back!
3 choices for 7:30a pre-RD Cape May buffet:

  1. Fri MK day 9a-12a .(will be waking @ BWI)
  2. Sat. Ep day 9a-6p, night @ MK (open until 2a) (waking @ BWI, but check out day. Planning to leave Ep in afternoon to check in YC. Could we check in @ YC while there for breakfast?)
  3. Sun. HS day 9a-8:30p w/9p Fantasmic & Jellyrolls after? (waking @ YC)

Just looking for the most convenient/most logical solution, any help is appreciated!
You guys are the best, so glad I found you all!

Thinking the 3rd is the best option because we will be closest that day, just worried about getting to HS for RD!

If you want to do Cape May breakfast before going to a park, I highly recommend doing it on your Epcot day. The only thing is, you will really have to book it to make it to the International Gateway by the time the park opens. It won’t be a leisurely breakfast by any means, but if you’re already planning to be exhausted, why not? I don’t think you’ll have time to check in at YC while you’re there, though. I haven’t been since online check in became a thing, but I’m sure someone else can give you better advice on that.

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Would it be better to do RD, then leave Epcot for a late breakfast & then going back to park?

You know, I thought about suggesting that, but my concern is that their breakfast hours end at 11 AM. So you’d be at the park for maybe an hour and a half before you had to head to Cape May, again assuming you book it from Future World to the International Gateway. To make an 11:00 reservation, you’d really need to be leaving IG at 10:45, from FW to IG I’d give it another 15 minutes. So, you’d be arriving there at 9:00 only to leave at 10:30. Might work to do that and set up your FP+ for later in the day, but again, I am unexperienced with FP+ so any suggestions I make are based on previous research but not actual experience.

I would do the HS day. There really aren’t THAT many things open there any more. Use FP for Toy Story and Tower of Terror and resign yourself to standing in line for Rock n Roller coaster. You should be able to find a moderate wait time for it even if you arrive as late as 10. Enjoy your breakfast and don’t stress too much about HS. You’ll get everything done.

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We did a 10:50 Cape May on our last Epcot day and it worked out great. Got us on SE, MS:O (twice) and TT with FP+, before a slow walk to YC with an exhausted (it was our last day) 5 yo. We had plenty of breakfast, met all the characters and were back in the park by 12:15. My DS won’t eat much really early so the later breakfast ADRs worked better for us.

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I’m thinking that is my best option, @WVHillbilly, thanks!
We should be able to get SoAT, TT (w/FP+) & M:SP (w/FP+) done 1st thing when park opens. Then leave around 10:30 for breakfast, eat, check into YC and be back for a SE FP+ at 12:05 (have until 1:05 to use).
Reworked my TP & all looks good! We were going to leave for lunch on the Boardwalk any way, so I just moved the park break to earlier and we can have a snack in the park while touring WS (instead of a full lunch) to tide us over until dinner!
@theredhead, @SallyEppcot & @WVHillbilly- Thanks to everyone for your help!