Pre-RD breakfast Q

Does anyone have advice or experience about whether pre-RD, in particular pre-EMH RD, breakfasts might be created? Or are they when the early opening is EMH? I have 8am breakfast reservations at GG and TH the week of June 20th, but the parks have EMH at 8 those days. I’ve heard of 7:15 breakfast reservations, just wondering if that’s likely to occur? I have a res finder set so if they’re created I’ll be alerted, but again just wondering about experiences on the ground. TIA!

Very unlikely there will be any breakfast times before 8am. I have only seen it once during Christmas week at Crystal palace (magic kingdom). The earliest you should expect is 8am regardless of park opening time or EMH.


Me and my brand new fiancee are at WDW right now (started on 12/16 and going thru 12/27, our package is 12/17 - 27 and we ended up flying in a day early due to the weather, but to anser your question, we had a 8:25am at CRT on 12/18, about 10 days before this we got a noticafication from the Reservation finder that there was a 7:35am available but when we tried to get it, at first it looked like we had it and then it was gone. We tried a few more times and then I tried for 7am and was able to get it at 7am. The RD was originally at 9am, then it was moved to 8am, then they added EMH for 7am, but as far as CRT having anything available before 8am, there had not been anything offered and the hours were not for before 8am, then all of a sudden there was for 7am just 10 days before we came here. Keep looking and trying as you never know if they will offer it. Good luck.

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Thank you, congrats, and ENJOY!!!