Pre-RD Breakfast: Garden Grill, Crystal Palace or Tusker House?

If you had to choose between Garden Grill, Crystal Palace or Tusker House for a pre-RD breakfast, which would you choose? We are doing a pre-RD BOG on our other Magic Kingdom day but don’t have any other breakfasts scheduled. We have a TS meal scheduled every evening so I should probably just choose one of these from a budget and too much food perspective. I need an extra stomach to eat everything I wish I could try on this trip lol!

We love CP. We think the character interaction is fun and it’s a bit more calm than some of the others, The food selection is great. We do it once a trip.

We are trying GG this time but mostly because the food looks really good.

Garden Grill. We love the character interaction there and it is not a buffet but all you care to enjoy. 2nd choice crystal palace 3rd choice Tusker house. We like Tusker house better for “brunch” 10:45am

Which park will you be in? Each of the ones mentioned are in a different park so you would want to choose one in whichever park you are in.

I’m doing CP because of Pooh & friends. You can’t find them all together anywhere else (that I know of).

I def recommend CP over BoG simply because the cost difference in a few dollars but the meal is miles better.

I would choose based on which park you will be in. Transportation around WDW takes a long time. All will be similar, although Garden Grill is not a buffet so I would choose there.

All 3 are good. If you didn’t have BOG already I likely would have leaned CP to get you into MK early as I think that’s the “special” park to be in early to get the iconic main street shot of the castle without throngs of people. With BOG though, I’d likely say food/experience is slightly Tusker House although the chance to Rope Drop Soarin’ might push me to GG. Love the characters at GG and that it’s family style rather than buffet has some benefits depending on your group.

Honestly we enjoy all 3 & did all 3 on our last trip. You can’t go wrong - I’d choose off park more than anything probably…

My vote is CP too!

I would choose Garden Grill because it will normally give you a head start on Soarin’ before the RD crowds show up. You need it in that tiered park… If you head to Test Track after Soarin’ and have a FP for Frozen you will be able to do all 3 tier 1 attractions with low waits. GG, CP and TH all have great food and character meets, but GG gives you the solution to the tier 1-problem in addition to that.

Oh sorry, I should have clarified. The meals would be on different days for the park we would be in each day. But we don’t need to do all 3, so I have to try to choose. I had Garden Grill first with the intention of Soarin’ afterward. But then I found Crystal Palace reservation and I’m not sure which I want…


But if not that then CP.

It really depends on which park you’re going to that day - but you probably figured at least that much out :wink:

If it were me deciding in this situation, I would do Garden Grill for both the enjoyment and chance of Soarin’. Tusker was my favorite character meal overall but we did it at lunch and to me, the food was a lot of my enjoyment, as well as the character interaction/photo ops. Garden Grill was great for us (again we did lunch over breakfast). The characters and rotating through Living with the Land were really fun but a little less picturesque than the Tusker House characters (in their safari garb) but still great interaction. No experience with CP but since you have BOG for a pre-RD breakfast already, I would save your other MK morning to maybe do the welcome show or not stress so much about beating RD trying to hurry through a character meal.

We’ve done all three pre-RD. Since you’re already doing BOG for MK, I’d say GG first to get that good spot in line for Soarin’ (and we loved the breakfast there, really enjoyed the red and green salsas on our eggs and tater tots). Second I’d say Tusker House, which we absolutely love, and it’ll get you in the back of the park before RD.

I would pick CP because I love it, but as you already have a pre RD breakfast at MK, I guess I’d pick GG for the Soarin advantage. TH is really good but I don’t think you get much advantage from being there pre RD. We did 10.30 there.