Pre-RD breakfast and Anna & Elsa

I have an 8:15 ADR at BOG for Friday, May 1. I read the easyWDW post about getting a pre-RD ADR and doing 7DMT immediately after.

I’d like to do the same thing but with Anna & Else meet instead of 7DMT. When I input this into a Personalized Touring Plan it tells me I’ll still be waiting 37 minutes for A&E. To check it, I replaced A&E with 7DMT. The tool tells me I’ll still wait 30 minutes for 7DMT. This is different than the experience Josh posted on easyWDW. Granted, his is only one experience.

But, what do you think? Should the wait be shorter at A&E if I’m in the park before 9:00 that day? @Len, is this even testable or are there too many other factors (e.g., the time the gates are actually open at the front of the park, the promptness with which our breakfast is served and subsequently gulped down by me and DD10)?

I’ve done pre-RD ADRs and have had mostly good results with getting to an attraction before the rush. I’ve only had one or two CMs hold us up. Both times it was Tusker House and the CM waited until official opening/guests started walking past.

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I think we tend to make conservative estimates on things. What I’d do is BOG > A&E, then re-optimize the plan once you see where you’re at. Because it’s not a sit-down breakfast and you’ve already paid, it’s entirely possible you could do this. (and I’m pulling for you, @cgulls!). Let me know how it goes.


We’ll give it a try and will report back. Thanks.

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Cgulls, what day are you trying this? I’m going to try it on 4/22


Ok, guess I’ll be reporting first :slight_smile:

I’ll be doing this 04/29 so I will definitely update as well!

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Checking in to report. This worked great for us on the day we got to the park 7:30ish and pre-ordered breakfast. We were within the first 20 people waiting to get in to MK (before CMs told people to fill in all available space). They let everyone in a little after 7:50. We did not stop for photopass pictures and went straight to BOG. It was lots of fun to wave to the fairy godmothers in training and see them skipping and having fun. We were at the front of the BOG pre-order line, had to wait a few minutes for them to open, but it was worth it to see the opening presentation, very cute.
We walked right in, paid, found a seat in the west wing, took some pictures, then our food came. West wing was filling up, so if you want to sit there, definitely get there early. We got out and headed to wait at the rope to Fantasy Land, right in front of the sword in the stone. Took some pictures with the sword. The CMs started walking us to A&E a little after 8:50. The rope drop crowd was already in and we could see them in the distance. We walked through the stand by line and were maybe 3rd in line to see them. Worked great and we were out and waiting at Peter Pan at 9:15.

We managed to get another 8AM reservation on a day we weren’t originally planning MK and this one didn’t work out as well. This was the first time we tried it so we learned and were successful the second time (described above). This time we got out of our room a few minutes late, so just missed the MK bus. The driver of the next bus to come (AK) told us the next MK bus will come in 20 minutes. So we decided to take a cab, but I forgot that it takes you to TTC, not actually MK. BY the time we got to MK, it was 7:52 and they were already letting people in. I still thought we were ok, so we did stop for a few pictures. By the time we got to BOG (8:20) there was a huge line. Pre-orders were able to bypass the line and head straight in to pay. Took 15 minutes to get through the line. Restaurant was packed and we sat in the rose garden room. Didn’t get our food till around 8:40, so we lost hope of seeing them that day. I think if we would have pre-ordered, we would have had a chance.


@kariel, we have an 8:10 BOG for our group of 6 on May 27. RD is at 9:00. We are planning to get there by 7:30. My hope was to get a few pictures down MS, eat breakfast, and then line up for 7DMT. I was thinking we would order that morning in three groups so we could each pay our own bill and hopefully get a few more pastries. Based on your experience, do you think it’s bad not to preorder? I thought I had seen some reports on chat where people ordered at the kiosks within about 5 minutes of arriving and then waited about 5 minutes for the food to be delivered.

Based on my experience, if I hadn’t pre-ordered, I would try to get to BOG as quickly as possible. The line moved pretty slowly, so if you’re not near the front it takes time to get through it. They don’t distinguish based on the time of your ADR, I think all pre-RD ADRs are let in together, so you’ll get in based on what time you show up. Sounds like a few others are going before you, so there will be some more data points.

How do you pre-order you food?

Once you’re within 30 days of your ADR, when you look at MDE you’ll see the option to Order next to your ADR.

Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks for the info!