Pre-RD BOG and 7DMT

I’m trying to work on my TP for MK and I have us riding 7DMT right after we finish at our 8:15 am ADR at BOG. I’m allocating 30 minutes for BOG. Is that realistic? Also, my TP has the wait for 7DMT at 44 minutes at 8:52 am, when the park opens at 9 am. Is that accurate? My SIL (who has been to WDW twice in the past few years), says it’s not. I’m not sure whether to believe her or the TP.

Probably makes sense to expect BOG then 7DMT as you’ve stated, being prepared that if all heck breaks loose and your meal runs late or 7DMT isn’t open yet that you have a backup plan to get on with your TP and hit 7DMT another time.

I had a pre-RD breakfast reservation at BOG at 8:10. I ate without hurrying, and headed outside at around 8:40. A cast member directed me to a line right alongside 7DMT. I was maybe the 10th person in line, and it didn’t feel like there were a huge number of people waiting. They started up 7DMT before 9, and loaded us all onto it very quickly. I’m not sure of the exact time, but it must have been before 9 because I exited and got right back on with no wait. All of us in that early line ended up riding it twice before the crowd of people from the park opening at rope drop made it back there. It was great! I don’t think you can COUNT on this happening every time, but it is a possibility. I think the TP numbers either include the time spent waiting for the first run (sometimes it’s delayed) or maybe it’s the wait you would see if you arrive with the crowd of people who all get to 7DMT at the same time just after opening.

You should enter MK with the pre RD crowd around 7:45 so you will be done in plenty of time!

I had a similar experience to @SallyEppcot. My ADR was at 8 AM. I was able to eat without feeling like I was just shoveling my food in my face, and then head over to 7DMT. I was the first person in line, around 8:30. The attraction opened a few minutes after I arrived, and I was on the first train of the day. It was awesome!

I wouldn’t rely on it 100%. I would still make a FP for 7DMT to be safe. You can always change it to something else if you manage to ride after your ADR. And since you’d be changing it early in the day, there should still be availability for other attractions. But I’m an overcautious person, so you might not worry as much as I do!

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In situations like this, I will put a fake fast pass into the touring plan at 9:00 am as a work-around to make the wait shorter.

I did make a FP for 7DMT, but it wouldn’t be until 5:45, so if we could ride it in the morning, that would be better. It also messes up my TP because I pretty much have it organized so we’re not zigzagging all over the place, but to go back to 7DMT at 5:45 would require us to walk all the way across the park for that one ride. I’ll just have to see how the day plays out. Thanks!

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Sounds like you’re planning well! Hopefully you’ll get on early and you can change that fastpass to something that fits your plans better.