Pre-RD ADRs - General Advice Needed

New to WDW trip planning and am wondering about these pre-RD ADRs I keep hearing about. Does it assist in getting onto rides faster in the morning? Which restaurants offer it and which would you recommend? Any advice would be great. I hadn’t even considered the option until I saw people talking about it in Liner chat – I had no idea what I didn’t know until I got to Liner chat and forum! Thanks in advance!


We’ve done pre-rd breakfast at Crystal Palace at MK and Tusker House at AK. It’s best if you can get the first ADR of the morning, 8:00 or 8:05 and don’t do it on an EMH morning. At MK, we were done a little after 9 because we were waiting for Eeyore. It was a low crowd day in Jan, so it didn’t make much difference. We walked on a bunch of rides. I’m not sure how it is now with A & E and Mine Train. The big benefit at TH is that it’s at the back of the park near the safari. We were also done about 9, and were ahead of the crowd there. The coolest thing for us was walking in the park when it was empty (except for the other people going to breakfast). We’re going to CP again next Jan. Hopefully, someone else can give info about EP and HS.

If you have a pre rope drop ADR for lets say… HS and Hollywood and Vine, since youre already thru security, and in the park, you can sit, eat and not have to make such a “mad dash” to Toy Story Mania. Last year, before FPP came out we did this. I had a 805 reservation… we were done by 845ish…I took all tix and ran to TSMM to get FP and when my family met up with me we rode stand by 2 maybe three times in about half and hour and our Fp return time was open.
Pre rope drop is good cause youre ahead of the crowd…

I have a 8:25 Crystal Palace ADR and am planning to be at the MK gates at 7:45. There’s no guarantee, but it sounds like CMs will let people with pre-RD ADRs inside MK that early. I plan to walk slowly and take pictures. Most restaurants will let you check in up to 15 minutes before your ADR time, but you probably won’t be seated that early. I plan to check in at 8:10 and then just wait patiently. I’m hoping I’ll still be done near 9 am. I’ll be solo that day, so I’ll be able to be flexible. Others have told me to ask about settling your bill soon after sitting down. That way you can leave when you feel ready. If you care about meeting all the characters then be prepared to spend more time in the restaurant. It can take more than an hour for them all to get around to you. It’s ok to leave before meeting them all though. It’s up to you.


Doesnt really help get on rides faster but it is nice to take your time walking down mainstreet with no crowds. If you get out before 9 you will be ahead of the crowd

Pre RD ADRs can be really magical, especially in MK, BUT – danger Will Robinson! – if you have to get up super early to get there, and then fill your tummy well with all the warm breakfast yummies, afterwards you may feel so full and sleepy that you don’t have much energy for morning touring! Speaking from experience. :slight_smile: :yum:


We had 8:05 ADR at CP last Tuesday. They let you into the park at 7:45. You can wander down MSUSA taking pictures and lots of pictures of the castle. You will not get through your breakfast quickly. I found it was slow for everyone in the restaurant. We left the restaurant early and DH stayed to pay. By the time we got to the hub, it was crowded with people rushing for A&E and SDMT. I wouldn’t get this ADR if your goal is to be at one of these attractions early. If you want to get in to see a non-crowded MSUSA, it’s perfect!

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I have an 8:40am CP and an 8:05 CRT both pre-RD. Both solo…

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Pre-RD at CP, exit to the left to the Adventureland bridge for interior RD and head start to BTM and Splash. Pre-RD ADR at H&V, exit to the left to rope at Echo Lake and cut through by sorceror’s hat to TSM.

Did you take a bus that early? I have a 8:00 CP ADR and no car

Buses are available for early ADRs. Check at the front desk of your resort the night before. We were at AOA when we had our pre rd res at CP. We were able to catch a bus at 7.

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Yep, we were at Pop busstop at 6:50, bus came at 7, we ate at CRT at 8:05. But it means getting up early!


Thank you!