Pre-RD ADR vs Early Morn Fantasyland

Hi! I have an 8:25 BOG ADR on 6/5, which is also one of the days that tickets are being sold for the new Early Morning Fantasyland event. 2 questions:

  1. If I keep my ADR, which I will probably do as that still gets me in the park before the general public, what time will I be admitted into MK? EMF page says those ticket holders get in at 7:30, so does that mean I can assume there will be 2 separate check-ins or will they allow ADR guests to enter at 7:30 as well (doubtful, but one can hope)? I’m an early riser and would plan to be at the park early anyway.

  2. Is it safe to assume that the EMF guests will head straight to Fantasyland and not linger on Main Street?

Aside from beating the crowds to certain rides like PP and 7DMT (which may be a moot point for my ADR day since there will already be others inside the park), one of the main reasons I schedule pre-RD ADRs is to enjoy a relatively empty Main Street. With my 8:25 res, I figured that gave me a little bit of time to just meander towards BOG and just enjoy the atmosphere without the throngs of people who will arrive shortly thereafter.


If there is already another thread on this, please let me know. Didn’t see one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. :wink:

Usually 7:45 with the preRD ADR. The early morning ticket people should already be through by then. They are paying to ride the rides and I’d assume they’d all be over there. It’s only like 300 people which isn’t really very many relatively speaking.

Only 300? Wow! So I won’t be “competing” with tons of people when I head over to those rides after my breakfast. That’s good to know! Thanks for your help…

What I would like to know, although I’m already pretty sure of the answer…those of us (I have an 8am BOG breakfast that same morning as the OP) that even though we are in the park before park open I don’t think we will be allowed to ride 7DMT before 9am like we were able to do. There are now paying guests using those attractions so would it seem unfair to them to have the line “sullied” (if I may use that term?) by the non paying guests? By non paying I mean we didn’t pay for the Early morning hours, just for an ADR.

Are you sure about the date? I thought the early morning magic was only going to be on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

I mis read the OP’s dates…May7th is my PreRD ADR and that has the paid EMH. May 6th is just regular EMH for all resort guests.

Oops! That’s what I meant- our BOG is that Saturday. Thanks for catching that!

We won’t really know how it is going to work until it gets well established. The park procedure will likely evolve based on guest feedback and complaints. The ones paying for E$H will be pretty vocal if anyone with just the preRD BOG adr is in line at Dwarves.

Mine is on Sunday 6/5 so when I saw your message, I had to double check.

Mine is at 8 am on the first day of paid Extra hours, 4/26. I am pretty bummed about it. I have FPP for 7DMT and A&E so that’s not a biggie but I’m a big fan of the pre RD pics on main street and in front of the castle. I hope the extra people head on back for their rides. I was kind of hoping we could get on 7DMT once and change our FPP to something else but speculation is that they won’t allow pre park ADR people on, only the paid magic hour people. Apparently they will get a special sticker. Oh well. This is my first time in forums. I’m typically in Liner chat. I plan on posting how the first day goes on chat.


I have 6/28 BOG reservations 8:05 and was wondering same thing. Had been hoping to manage a Peter Pan (or maybe WtP if we do FP+ for PP?) ride before lining up for Merida. This makes me mostly more confident that will be possible, although possible they give these folks some special sticker/pin and the BOG have to wait???

This applies to me since they just opened up more dates for the summer. @Lmf1977 how did april go?

Kenny the Pirate (I think? or some other blogger) posted about it and there is a special wrist-band or something so the special rides are limited to folks who paid $$, not the early BOG breakfast folks. Oh well.

Josh, at easywdw, has reported that now the early BOG diners are held until the RD opening time. At that point, the early diners are ushered into the regular line, just prior to the RD people arriving. So it seems like you will still be able to get one ride on Seven Dwarfs for your early BOG reservation. It used to be that early BOG diners would be allowed to use the Fast Pass line, as many times as they were able, before the RD folks arrived - sometimes 3 or 4X!