Pre RD ADR Question

I have a reservation for 4 of my party for 8:10 AM at H&V and a separate reservation for 8:25 for the other 2 party members. We are going to try to coordinate something once we get to H&V, but can we all be admitted at 8 AM to the park? So, that way we can all at least show up together to H&V to see if they can work with us on sitting together? Never done Pre RD ADR, so not sure the rules as to when they let you in! THanks!

My understanding is that they’ll let you check in for an ADR no more than 15 minutes in advance. I would try checking in at exactly 8:10 or maybe a couple of minutes after so that both ADRs are within that window. You might have to wait a while to get two tables near each other or a larger table.

Thanks! Also, if only 1 member of the ADR for 2 people show up, can that person check in with us at 8:10 so that we can try to do a party of 5? So, if you have a Pre RD ADR, can you bring someone who isn’t listed on the ADR in with you to try to get a table where they can join you? Or do they only admit the people listed on the ADR?