Pre-RD ADR at CRT - will monorail be running?

Hello! We have a Pre-RD ADR at CRT and are staying off site. My plan was to arrive at parking and transportation about 45 minutes before our reservation but will the monorail be running? I read that the monorail starts 45 minutes before park opening which isn’t til 9. How will we get from the lot to the gate?

I don’t have an answer, but am in the same situation in September, so I am writing in order to show my solidarity and follow any helpful responses! Good luck to us!

I have the same question so reviving this thread. ADR @ 8:15 on a 9am opening day, will getting to TTC by 7:30 be enough time? Should we aim closer to 7?

I can update my situation from today. Parking and resort monorail were up and running by 7am. We drove to TTC from offsite arriving at TTC about 7:30am. Got a very close parking spot to TTC, exchanged our exchange tickets for real tickets at TTC, and got on the resort monorail at about 7:40am. Arrived at MK about 8am, got checked in and walked down a fairly empty Main Street, taking pictures until our 8:20 CRT reservation. Got checked in there, ate food and met all princesses by 9am. We didn’t rush enough to do 7DMT, but did some other high wait rides, like Peter Pan and Under the Sea.

Hope this helps.


Huge help, thanks!