Pre Pre planning- Update— November 2022

It looks like I can start thinking about a real trip to Disney! Best time for us will be 2022- 10/29-11/6. Although early, I imagine I’ll be booking hotels in a few months, so obviously have to plan!

(Full disclosure- I am Hoping to pop down in the fall with our plane tickets from our cancelled trip. Not looking like it will happen but I am keeping that dream alive.)

This is the same week we went in 2018 but we went on 11/1, so had Halloween at home. I am not sure about Halloween in Disney. I asked in chat and got some great responses. Anyone here spend Halloween in Disney? Advice? Kids will be 9 And 5 so skipping trick or treating can’t be an option.

Where to stay? Well we were supposed to stay at GF last year. A real dream trip was planned. Part of me wants to go back to the Poly, where we stayed in 2018. We had a great time there, just so convenient. And with the refurb. Then I think how fun it would be to be near Epcot too. I’m also considering a cabin Halloween weekend to get a full Halloween experience, then switching—- or is that too much -as in too spooky—for young kids there?

I’d love to get your experiences! I’m hoping it will be really normal by then.

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I responded to your chat too, but hands down one of our favorite Disney experiences ever! This was at Saratoga Springs. If you squint in the first pic you might be able to see the full list. My mom secretly threw away a LOT of the Halloween candy because we got so much and didn’t want to pack it to go home, so there is no skimping on Trick or Treating! And to answer your last question, I don’t think really much at Disney will be too scary for kids age 5 and 9!


These pictures! Love the costumes! Thanks for responding!

That’s amazing all the activities they had going on. Our neighborhood is BIG on Halloween, so I think I’m having a hard time thinking of doing it somewhere else. But if it’s our best week, then I think we should give it a shot. I’m happy to hear the resorts have a lot going on.

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You’re welcome! I love Halloween in Disney. I also think that specific week is a great sweet spot in terms of weather and crowds. We came back in 2020 as well but we came home a couple days before Halloween. I really don’t think you can go wrong in terms of resort. If you really want to dig, Kenny the Pirate used to keep track of which characters were out at each resort on Halloween back in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The front desk teased to us when we checked in that their Halloween theme was “Western” and I secretly hoped for Woody, but it ended up being Donald and Daisy alternating. I think they keep them to “B-list” characters so they don’t get swarmed. But it worked out great for my little sheriff.

How dare you! Donald is #1!


Yes! The weather was perfect when we went in 2018. Some hot days some cold, made for enough pool time.

It’s good to hear all resorts have something. DH hasnt been to keen on the split stay idea. Picking a place is so hard! I imagine MK will
Still be the most frequented resort for us with a 9 and 5 right? Two girls.



Hahaha, Buzz and Woody will always #1 in our house.

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We have recently fallen in love with the Epcot resorts, but I have Toy Story (obv) and Star Wars fans. With girls I would definitely do the GF!

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I had lots of tea party plans last spring :joy:

Oh my gosh, I sympathize! RIP Jedi training!

I did GF tea years ago with my mom and sister as adults and it was still a pretty magical experience.

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I’m so torn! Maybe a split stay with GF And beach club could work…

Development— DH is on board with a split stay. Not sure if this made choices harder or easier???

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Easier! You just nailed it with BC/GF. Done!

DH really likes the idea of popping into Epcot for dinner or lunch.

Any experience with room category at Beach club? I’m going to watch some videos. I’d like to not look at a parking lot, And not be far from Epcot.

Well I have only stayed DVC at the Beach Club. Could that be an option? The studios have a pull-down bed that’s super cute and would be great for the 5yo.

Decided to avoid Halloween, so going in November. Here is my basic outline. Kids will be 5 and 9.

Beach club
Day 1- Arrival- Epcot
2- MK. — Epcot dinner
3- HS—. Epcot dinner
4- Epcot morning- see HS at night
Transfer to Poly
6- AK
7- MK

Hoping with a longer trip to break up parts of Epcot. It looks Epcot heavy but one reason to stay at Beach club was to really use it as our food court during our stay.

I selected parks reservations— seems so early! Anything look off?