Pre park opening breakfasts no longer an advantage

Back in December at our 180 day mark, I was able to make all of the ADR’s that we wanted. However, with MK letting people in an hour before opening anyway and also AK letting people in to Pandora 15 minutes early and also now HS early to line up for TSMM, there is no longer an advantage to PPO breakfasts, is there? Actually, I think, we may be at a disadvantage for AK and HS…we have breakfast ADR’s 5 out of our 7 days for 8:00 am. I think the only park it will offer an advantage in is Epcot?

The answer is it depends. GG is still an advantage for Soarin’, Akershus for FEA & BOG for 7DMT. I don’t think any of the others offer a similar E-Ticket type ride advantage. CP no longer has any advantage. Tusker House won’t offer an advantage for Pandora but would for the Safari, so it depends on what your goal is. I’m not sure if SciFi would offer an advantage for TSL or not. Eventually it probably will, but since they’re offering EMH most days early on it won’t. SciFi and H&V would offer an advantage for Jedi sign-up at least once EMH are over…


Agree with @Damavs

Our 8:00 BOG should he helpful then as it is not an EMH morning. Same for our 8:00 am H&V for Jedi sign up, plus that is also not an EMH as of yet since it is pre TSL opening. With the every day EMH for AK now, we are going to have to bite the bullet and wait in line for NRJ but we have a FPP already for FOP and also for Safari. If we miss NRJ this time then that will be okay, or maybe try to ride late in the evening. Akershus PPO breakfast won’t matter anyway as we have a FPP for FEA, and we have a FPP for Soarin’ on our other Epcot day. The only one that may be an issue is the 8:00 am CRT at MK, but it is also not an EMH morning, and I think we are good on FPP for that morning already. My biggest disappointment, I think, will be fighting to get onto Main Street in time to take pictures prior to our 8:00 am breakfasts before they let the general public onto Main Street.