Pre Park opening breakfast (Tusker and BOG)


On a trip in Feb 2020 we did a pre park opening breakfast at Tusker House. We loved it and it worked perfectly to get out prior to park opening and get ahead of the crowds before rope drop.

We also did this at BOG and were able to get out to be one of the first in line at 7DMT.

I am wondering if this still works? Now that all parks open 30 minutes early for resort guests (which we are) …I am not sure what time the first reservations are and if this is still an option? I mean I know it is an option however I would only do the early morning breakfast if it was an advantage for lines like it was in our 2020 trip.

Thanks for your help!

Breakfast at BOG isn’t a thing at the moment (it disappeared with Covid). TH starts serving breakfast at 8 am and AK has been opening recently for resort guests at 7:30 am so it wouldn’t be helpful.


Well that solves that! Thank you for your help. We aren’t going until March 2023 so things could certainly change again (and probably will!) But if all remains the same I will book Tusker House for a late breakfast instead, if at all! Was a great character dining experience however I may be interested in trying Topilinos this time instead as our character dining.

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It could certainly change by March. I think you should seriously consider Topolino’s for breakfast. I think it is the best character breakfast at Disney right now. We used to love TH breakfast, but were so disappointed when it reopened after Covid. Nothing like it used to be.

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There aren’t any prepark breakfasts right now that give you an edge on an attraction as in the past.

I remember when prepark CP was a true benefit for attraction access!


Thank you! Yes it was great!! Hopefully it will be back before we go :grin:

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