Pre-park opening Bfast at Tusker House and Pandora

Would a PPO bfast at TH help or hinder touring of Pandora? If we can get a FP for one of the new attractions, then I’m assuming we’d need to RD the other. Curious as to whether a PPO at TH is of any benefit. I can book ADR’s next week!

Similar debate here. I have a slightly later bfast at TH- 9:50- on a EMH AK day. I’m trying to debate between going straight to Pandora at EMH until bfast, then KS. OR, KS and Africa upon arrival then hope I can FPP FoP and tour Pandora after eating. The good thing is Pandora has the bridge to Africa so you can get there relatively easily either way, right? FPP day is at the end of the month for me, so I’m trying to figure out which way to go. Right now, my gut says RD Pandora, eat, then rest of touring plan. I think right now it may be a half a minute too early to tell which way to go.

I agree that it’s too early to know. I will probably try for an 8:00 and can always cancel if it is not advantageous.

With AK opening at 8, I was not able to find any PPO breakfast at TH…