Pre-park Open ADR Question

My family has 5 days at Disney World the week after Thanksgiving. We are traveling with a large group (14) which includes my parents, siblings and their families. My ADR window opened today and I was able to snag a couple pre-park opening reservations for our group of 14. One reservation is at HS at 8:30. My son(8) and I are not big breakfast eaters, so I am thinking about the 2 of us skipping the breakfast and heading straight to the TSMM line. With an 8:30 reservation, I am thinking we will not be done and out of the restaurant before rope drop to get in line.

Will this work? How early do they allow you to line up for the ride?

I have never done this for HS, but i believe everyone is held by the Chinese theater for the opening show. You may be able to head over and line up there before the rd crowd gets there for the show.


Thanks for the response! So even if we are at Hollywood and Vine before the park opens, we will not be able to get in line for any rides until after the opening show?

No. But you’ll be able to sign up for Jedi Training Academy.

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Oh, okay. That will be good! Thanks!

Can you register for the Jedi training academy early if you are participating in TSL-EMM ?

Anyone know if this is still the case? We would LOVE to get the first show and may keep our ADR just for this purpose.

Yes you can book Jedi Training before your ADR.

It seems the urgency for booking Jedi Training has lessened recently, more people are concerned with TSL and Galaxy’s Edge. But I would still use a PPO breakfast as a strategy if had youngsters. I’m overly cautious that way! :grin:

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