Pre-ordering lunch at BoG when on DDP

OK, so we are heading over to WDW from the UK on 9 April for 14 nights - everyone is so excited!! We’re staying at OKW and have the DDP included in our package (“free”).

We have managed to get all the ADR’s we wanted including BoG for a lunch and a dinner!

So for our lunchtime at BoG we can place our order in a couple of days time. I’ve seen the posts about the benefits of doing this and it sounds like it should be a time saver.

So here’s the question: from what I have read elsewhere on TP etc, my understanding is that for CS meals, adult and child DDP credits are interchangable (We are three adults and one child) such that I child CS credit can be used to order a standard / adult CS meal, rather than being limited to the meals on the kids menu.

Since BoG (lunch) is a sort of CS/TS hybrid, does this still apply?

My concern is that if we pre-order and the rules are different for BoG (lunch) we might end up using an extra adult CS credit which might leave us short of CS credits later in the holiday.

So, does anyone have any experience of pre-ordering BoG lunch when on DDP and what the rules are regarding swaping kids meals for adult meals?


We pre-ordered adult lunch and adult breakfast for our DS(7) and it was no problem at all. At other QS locations we also ordered adult meals for him no problem. There is no difference between adult and child QS credits.

Yeah, BoG for lunch is strictly CS by the plan definitions, despite the style of service.

And you don’t have “adult” and "child CS credits - you have one pool of CS credits for the entire party (just like snack credits). It’s only (basic) DDP TS credits that differentiate between adult and child.

On our November trip, we were 3A 2C, but used all 30 CS credits on “adult” meals, often ordering four and splitting them five ways.

Thank you both for sharing your experience.