Pre ordering BOG breakfast

I have the Disney dining plan and I was wondering if when I pre-order a breakfast at BOG do I order a drink as well or is that included in the meal? I think I read somewhere that the drink was included since it’s self serve, but wasn’t sure how it worked if you were on the dining plan.


There are self-service drink stations in the rooms. When I preordered there was a choice for juice, which they brought but I do not know if that is still true. If there are choices, order something if you want. You will not get charged extra and you can still grab coffee.

How/when do you preorder your breakfast at BOG? I keep reading about this, and we have ADRs but I don’t have any other details. Thanks!

At 30 days before your reservation a link with open up next to your reservation in MDE.

I actually have a BOG lunch question…

If we are using the DDP, are we allowed to swap out soup for a dessert? (Although I might regret it later not ordering that chocolate cupcake!!)

Thanks so much!!